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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by pernod, Dec 10, 2009.

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  1. Passed my interview today. Now been told its twenty months wait for seaman spec. Roll on 2011 !
  2. I had my catch up interview this morning, and the first thing my CA said to me was 'don't when your joining date is becasue I have no idea' lol!!
    He also told me the wait for MA has gone up to 24 months!! I was very thankful i'm already in the system!
  3. Congrats on passing your interview!
  4. how long did you have ya catch up interview after your first
  5. Wow thats some wait! congrats for passing though mate. Im sure it will fly by!
  6. Drebin, check your PM. :)
  7. Wow thats some wait! congrats for passing though mate. Im sure it will fly by![/quote]

    I hope it does haha can't wait to get out of civvie street:)
  8. Dont want to piss on any bonfires but recruiting figures for the next 2 years have just been halved so the waiting times will be even longer
  9. does that apply to every one or people who are just applying now av ad me application in since 11 august waitin to go in as ws
  10. I'm afraid what drakdi says is quite correct, so I would imagine that if you don't yet have a date you may have a longer wait than initially expected.

    The AFCO posters can probably give you a more precise answer though.
  11. hope this is not the case hopefully nija can confirm things
  12. I can but keep my fingers crossed that this doesn't affect me. Ouch! I'll be giving my AFCO a call in the morning to check this.
  13. 24 months for MA? Yikes! I had my interview in August, and was told I'll be starting at Raleigh in Sept 2010. If this waiting time of 24 months is correct, will it affect me? Hope not. Any shed any light?
  14. Nah, you're special :thumbleft:

    I'd be checking Ninja Stoker's invaluable advice on the amended waiting times if I were joo. That man deserves a truck of Jaffa cakes and some kind of medal for all the work he does here 8O
  15. yer it applys to every one i started my application of in august ( am going in as ws) and av been told i have got a 2yr wait.

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