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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by jjp23, Sep 1, 2009.

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  1. Hi everyone, possibly a pointless thread but i am very bored so thought i would just make a quick post.

    I am wondering how many people there are waiting for their date for HMS Raleigh, their date for the RNAC or maybe both?

    I'm waiting for both at the moment and it's driving me mad, every time the post comes i go through it hoping to get something. I can't wait to get started and leave my cuurent job. At least it's giving me time to get my fitness up i suppose.

    How many of you are at the same stage and can't wait?
  2. I am waiting,just sat here waiting,waiting waiting waiting,when is that ferkin bus gunna come, 8)
  3. I'm waiting! I'm constantly looking at this website for news on waiting times on my job! I've been told my rnac will be december 5th! I HOPE I will be starting raleigh in April! But I think the wait may increase by a couple months unfortunately! I'm the same as you, desperate to get started and leave the crappy job I'm doing at the moment! Constantly checking the post haha! Can't wait xxx
  4. im at the same stage to mate, got to wait 9months or so , i emailed a guy at my local RNR and he said im more then welcome to join :)
  5. Me to. I'll be playing the waiting game till about June, as I had a 12 month wait after sitting my RT. Just wanna get there and get going, but I guess it will be worth the wait. Since I finished the selection proccess at the end of June, I hate my job more and more with each day that passes! lol Navy life can't come soon enough for me :)
  6. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    You'll love it when I come in for a pint. :D
  7. You're not the only one playing the waiting game, that's what it is a game, you gotta play it, like everything in life. Make the most of what you got whilst you're not in yet.
    I have my date, though am still waiting for my confirmation letter. Date is in 8 weeks time, yet haven't had a letter of confirmation yet. I'm waiting for that to come through the post so I know I'm all set.
    Need to sell car, resign, get fit.
  8. Lol I'll join this, I think this is part of the recruitment process to see just how serious you are !
  9. I've got my final FAA medical on the 24th of this month then its the big wait. I say big. I've no idea how long I'll have to wait. I reckon 2010 though - seems from reading they give you a date 3-4 months in advance.
  10. Feckin typical. Wait for one for ages and two come along at once. :D

    It is horrible waiting guys and gals but just work on your fitness and stuff and itll fly by. :)
  11. I've been waiting for medical clearance for two months, checking the post every day and I'm still waiting.
  12. Wow, there's a few of us in the same boat (excuse that poor pun :) )!

    I agree reafis, i think they want to see how keen you are etc.

    Rolotp, i am the same, i can not stand my job and it bores the crap out of me. I can't wait to go to my boss and tell him that i am out of this dump.

    On the post thing, still bloody nothing today!!!
  13. Same here passed all my tests in June and still waiting for a start date for AET.

    Can't wait to leave my current job, and as you say checking the post every morning!!
  14. I imagine Its not too bad waiting if you know an actual confirmed date you'll be starting. Sounds horrible to wait months to actually get a letter to tell you how many more months before you actually start.
  15. Handed in my notice at work yesterday, start Oct 4th. No turning back now! :?
  16. I had a call from my CA yesterday to tell me that my SC was back and that everything was now all done. Even though i knew my SC would be ok it is still nice to know that i have nothing left to do or anything.

    He said that the next entry date i could get in for is April unless there is a drop out before this. He asked if i would be ok to join HMS Raleigh at short notice so i am kind of hoping that i get a call :) .

    I am just wondering if this happens alot?
  17. I was told a similar thing when i got my security clearance, like have i got and holidays booked etc. I would imagine everyone just go's onto a list and if someone drops out the top of the list go's instead.

    It go's from the date you sat your RT which for me was the 17th June and i still don't have my date through(for AET).
  18. I've just had a call and was given my date today! 17th March AET. So a 9 month wait from my RT.
  19. i had to wait about 3 months for my start date and the rnac date and the raleigh date came through at the same time but it takes ages for a start date and the waiting list for raleigh is getting longer and longer

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