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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Smiley_Dougal, Aug 3, 2010.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    Does anyone know the current waiting times for a job? I had my RT back in February this year and was told the waiting time would be 9 months from then. I applied for Logs branch.

    After the interview I was told it had gone well and I would hear in the summer; however there has been notification. I'm actually dying to get started and a little frustrated nothing has come through yet. :(

    I have my AIB next Jan to March, but would still like a date for starting at Raleigh. Does anyone know if recruitment has slowed recently, due to budget cuts?

    Thank you!

    A frustrated Smiley
  2. If your going for officer (assume you are as you're waiting for AIB) you don't go to Raleigh, you go to BRNC at Dartmouth.
  3. SmileyD

    A little confused here!

    You're applying to be a Logistics Officer; you don't go to HMS Raleigh, as WreckerL says; you go to BRNC at Dartmouth.

    Suggest you e-mail your ACLO for an update. Do you have his/her e-mail?

    btw are you sure that your AIB is next year?
  4. I've actually applied for Rating and Officer entry. I've been told it's two separate applications and that I would hear about the rating one this summer.

    My AIB is next year (supposedly) for April entry, as it's full for January for Logs officers :(
  5. Which Rating job?
  6. As a writer. Sorry I wasn't very clear earlier.
  7. Current waiting times for Writer:

    Logs Pers (WTR) 12 Months

    Logs Pers (WTR) (SM) 18 Months
  8. Thanks for getting back to me. 12 months isn't so bad I suppose, I lucky compared to other branches (so I hear).

    I'll just have to stay patient :)

  9. If you did the RT for WTR in Feb 2010, you can expect an entry into Raleigh around Feb/Apr 2011, that is provided that they have bid for your entry date.

    You should normally either go officer (first) then/or rating, not both at the same time. Has your careers advisor definitely bid for your Writer entry??


  10. Yeah apparently they have bid for it. Even in my sift interview for officer entry I was told I would at least have my rating entry there as back-up, in case I didn't do well at AIB.

    I was told each application wouldn't effect the other. Yeah, I thought it would be strange to start at Raleigh and have to do AIB during my time there, or thereabouts.

    I'll just keep my fingers crossed I get in one way or the other. I e-mailed the careers office and the girl hasn't replied. Either she is on holiday or...!
  11. Been waiting since may this year passed everything within one month now just waiting joining as stwd(sm) it was 4 months when i applied does anyone know the waiting time now?
  12. 12 months now.
  13. Hi,

    I just found out today (for definite) that my starting date will be Feb 2011. This was exactly 1 year after my RT. This is for Logs (Pers) though.

    Thanks for all your help guys -you were spot on! :)

  14. How did you find out about your start date, Smiley D?
  15. Blimey.

    I'm still waiting for my SIFT (no fault of the recruitment office, my GP was dragging her feet and now it transpires that my 3 cases of asthma/wheezing in my life have turned into a prescription needed 'less then annually', which while true doesn't convey the same message, so having to sort that out).
    Hopefully I'll get it before the end of this month, which means I'm going to be 28 by the time I sit my AIB (February).
  16. Hiya,

    I just e-mailed the careers office again. They got back to me straight away this morning to confirm the February date (as predicted!).

    I'm very happy now :)

  17. yeah so will it be 12 months from when i applied or from now?
  18. From the date on which you sat your RT.
  19. Just so you know
    "The Defence Board has made the decision to reduce the number of RN new entries between now and 31 March 2011 by 75 officers and 400 ratings. The Army and the RAF have received similar instructions to reduce their intakes of new entries too. The Naval Core Training Stream Command team have been tasked to look at the implications of these reductions on BRNC and HMS RALEIGH and to investigate whether there are more cost effective ways to deliver Phase 1 training for significantly reduced numbers. This scoping exercise will report in early Sep 10. Be assured, the nature of our training will not change; we will continue to deliver a high quality product to the Phase II schools and ultimately the Fleet. That said, there may be a need for process and infrastructure reviews. I will ensure that you are kept abreast of developments as and when I have the appropriate information available."
  20. If you have any spare ships you can't get compliments for, can I have one,
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