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Hi all, I am currently applying for the role of Logistics Supply Office in the RFA and just wanted a bit of advice.

I have completed the online sign up process but cannot adv get my degree certificate when I graduate (July), which is very frustrating because I know how long the process can take. Does anyone have any advice on how I can prepare in advance to make the sign up process go any quicker, when I do get to the later stages.

Also does anyone know the chances of actually getting in, because this is my plan A at the moment and I do not really have a plan B.

Much appreciated :D
@Whisky20 - Even if you meet all the criteria (health incl eyesight, academic, AIB, security vetting) the experience of others posting at RR for that role indicates "up to two years from Application to Entry for the 20% or so of similarly qualified applicants" - Many of whom would probably have gained suitable employment experience on their CVs, too...

Methinks a wise thruster would already be formulating Plans B, C, D right now - If any of those were to include clocking up relevant experience that could well be a bonus for re-activating Plan A sometime in the future.
The 'normal' time frame is approx up to 12 months at the moment.
Some people will get through quicker, it is entirely dependant on when the application goes in and when the next recruitment of the chosen branch is happening. Sometime the focus will be deck cadets, sometimes engineers or at other times logistics. The later stages of the application process require the interview which if successful you would go forward to AIB. I have posted some base questions on RR as a starting point, and if you research AIB there is a fair bit of information out there.
If you want to send me a personal message am happy to discuss any other questions you may have.
I have the latest batch of LS officers starting soon, so have they have been through the process and will be useful contacts.

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