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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by werqpr, Oct 15, 2008.

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  1. does any body know the wait times for ETWE??
    Also what branch has the least wait time??
  2. The wait time for ET (WE) is approx 6 to 9 months from the date you sat the RT.

    If you want to get in quicker then volunteer for Subs in any branch.


  3. if i opted for CT as Subs what would be the waiting time approx?
  4. CT on subs isn't really an option, you can't initially volunteer direct for subs. That said you would at some stage probably serve on a sub. As I'm not in work today can't remember the CT's waiting time.


  5. 6-9 months, its seems like a life time away!! well i sent off my application forms yesterday so hope to do my RT pretty soon, just gonna keep my fitness up in the mean time. I'm just itching to get STUCK IN!!!
  6. Thanks,

    I sat and passed my test in July with all of the other aspects completed. I am only waiting for a date, would you have an idea when this would be?
  7. is it just me or does the whole process seem very long winded?
  8. Not being funny, but 9 months is a doddle for CT.

    I've waited 26 months, and got a lot of training ahead....
    Make the most of your time
  9. got a fair deal then
  10. It's just you.
  11. Not had enough coffee yet, first read this as WALT times.

    As I have said before there seems to be something wrong in a system where we are short of bodies but recruits have to wait considerable times to get in. That would suggest we will never have enough people, even if we get more recruits as we cannot process the numbers we get at present.
  12. Scottie, The Matelot answered this one in the CT thread...

    I'd assume you'll be May entry if all was well with your application. If you're still worried just give the AFCO a bell. Breathe, mate, breathe.
  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It's one of those things unfortunately, many AFCOs have a lot of people who have passed all elements of selection and who have been bid for entry but are waiting for an allocated entry date as there aren't CT or Diver entrants every week, for example, because we don't need that many. it's not so much a case of them not being processed, more a case of training places available.

    In ball-park figures we only allocate about one term ahead, so those being allocated a joining date between now & Christmas will be joining between Jan & Easter and so on.

    There is an element of the "want it now" generation getting impatient & drifting away, granted, however they would arguably 'can it' in the first 6 months anyway. Those that aren't prepared to wait for a job they want often foolishly opt to join in a "shortage category" and then try to change trades after they join- usually blaming the AFCO for not telling them this was not possible. (Overlooking the fact the Attestation Form they sign-on indicates just this).

    All trades have different numbers required. There's not much point recruiting & training 2500 divers when we only need 60 for example. The more popular trades only have limited training places available and if we offered individuals a quicker entry into Naval services we'd be accused of "conning" them into less popular occupations which they cannot transfer from. Interestingly, whilst people may aspire to be Comms Techs or AETs, the vast majority score nowhere near high enough in the recruiting test.

    In my AFCO, for example, we have 9 times more Seaman Specs -16 months awaiting allocation for entry, than Warfare Specialists (3 months wait). Both trades require the same Recruiting Test score & medical standards for entry. Do you tell the potential Sea Specs about Warfare or leave them blissfully unaware so that they get the job they wanted originally?
  14. I changed from Seaman Spec to CIS today before passing my RT (yay me). This may look bad in some eyes, however it was an informed decision by me alone due to many factors. Age and the possibility of "ground" work being but two. My Recruiting Officer was with me on the points I made to her.

    So Mk 1 eyeball, interview and medical to go and then I will be going in as CIS.

    I also have to try and magic Army pay slips from somewhere and square away pension matters.

    So some questions that I forgot to ask are;

    1. Now at 35 and providing I get in, at what age could I serve up to? (I did ask this one, however she was not sure)

    2. Whats the wait for CIS?

    3. Where would a RNAC fit in?
  15. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    1. When added to your former service should expect to have completed your full pensionable service by the age of 55. In your case, as you will enter on the newer AFPS 05 pension scheme, your previous service (if it's under the AFPS 75 scheme) is preserved. If your former service was post 2005- your pension is added to and either way, the new contract of employment in the Navy, if you pass selection, is for 18 years in your particular case.

    2. There's vacancies toward the end of next month, but with former service you must have full security clearance (SC) granted before you may be allocated a provisional entry date. SC usually takes around 8 weeks from submission.

    3. If you have former military service and already know how to wash & iron your kit, know how to march (albeit in a bit less of a 'stampy-shouty' manner than those Army ruffians*), can run 1.5 miles on the road as fast as your PJFT & can swim 50 metres in overalls & tread water for 3 mins, then you have to question it's worth if you are going to be joining before Chrimbo.

    * If an RSM shouted 'Shun at a slack-handful of matelots, they'd probably just turn their backs on him and have another tab.
  16. any chance you can check what the current time is please?

    I've heard the next intake for CT's is Easter, would this mean we would join raleigh in easter or would we join raleigh before to be ready for CT training at easter?

  17. I make it 1831 mate.
  18. aint u a funny boy!! Get a grip
  19. Do I suspect a sense of humour failure :w00t:

    If you bite at this you are going to hate it in a mess deck, best you try for a commission :thumright:
  20. Yes/I have.

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