Wait for joining dates (help)

Hi all, I'm sure there are lots of threads all ready about waiting times.
My son is just 18 and we were told he would have gone to Raleigh at the end of 2016 or possibly Jan 2017.
This would have already have been a 14 month wait.
I didn't make him start a new collage course as he may have been going anytime soon.
He has now been told it's going to be at least September 2017 (2 years wait)...
Could this be deferred again???
It seems like his life is on hold and he might not even get through...
Should i make him start a course he might not even finish waste his and the tutors time or just let him work part time smash the gym and bump round with his mates....
If it's going to increase again maybe he should just get an apprenticeship and some forms of qualifications....


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We always advise applicants not to quit their jobs or educational courses until they have a start date (provisional offer of service letter) because the number of applicants and the manning requirement fluctuates frequently due to operational requirements. Sometimes entries for some branches are shelved to prioritise a more pressing need in another branch.

Not so long ago, for example, ET(WE) was around three months, test to entry, it's now nearer two years.

Fingers-crossed a date drops through the letterbox shortly but I'd urge no-one to put their life in stasis whilst awaiting an allocated entry date.
Thanks for the reply, he finished is course at college in the summer, looks like he's going back or starting an apprenticeship that he won't finish.
Have you ever seen a 13 month wait turn into a 36 month wait??? what's the chances of it going up again??
It would really help make up our minds between college and something else..
Thanks again
It was seaman spec.
Written test last November and sailed trough interview, medical and fitness test really quickly.
He was thinking about going for aircraft handler but didn't want to wait the 2 years they gave as the wait.
Think he wishes he did now it's the same wait.


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Sea Spec is a long wait but I'm pretty sure it's not three years. To be honest there are many common elements between Sea Spec & Warfare Spec (which has a much shorter wait to join). Many Sea Specs seem to become disillusioned when they realise they won't be spending their entire career coxing small fast boats, far from it. Some don't even realise they need to learn flashing light (morse) communications.