Wailings of Argentina's president

All conflicts nowadays pull countries together, Australia and New Zealand Armed Forces is run by Her Majesty the Queen of England and when they are called upon to help the motherland they will do so. In 1914 we would have been able to go it alone and defeat the argies and retake the falklands without any help from our colonial subjects, Bluto.
I don’t often comment I feel a bit insecure around so many huge intellects. But this post brightened up an otherwise dull day and made me laugh out loud. Thanks, from a Scottish subject of the Queen of England
we will have the aussies and kiwis with us to retake the falklands if it kicks off again.
And as an Aussie I would simply like to take this opportunity to tell you to **** OFF.
I fuckin helped you in 82 and I wasn't even asked.
If however the Argentinian air force attack my boat, Monty can go and smack them and if they kill him I will be deeply upset. Then after dinner I will write a strongly worded protest to the editor of the sun.
But all this is conjecture, with Stix Monty and Jonno in harness the empires safe and we can all sleep safe in our beds. Failing this we can send you and you could bore the ******* to death.
Us black pikeys don't give a ****.
Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez has made a surprise conciliatory gesture by seeking negotiations with Britain to set up weekly flights from Buenos Aires to the Falkland Islands.
Link http://news.uk.msn.com/world/fernandez-seeks-falkPresumably this is in response to lands-flights-1

Presumably this is in response to a recent article (I think it was another bit of drivel by the Daily Mail but can't actually remember) suggesting that the only way Argentina could hope to capture the Falklands would be by sending an airliner full of Special Forces to capture the air base.

If it was from the Wail then two good things emerge from the comment above;

1. Cristina Fernandez not only reads but actually believes what she reads in the Daily Mail (so no worries about her being a closet intellectual)
2. The way is wide open for a massive disinformation policy (what the Daily Mail currently calls news reporting) to make her throw away any plans she may have for taking the Falklands

I feel a lot more comfortable now.
So does she want an easy route to get a load of Argies to move \ settle in the Falklands, breed and so out number the locals and then say, hey, as we have a lot of affinity with Argentina lets become part of that country. Afterall, we are are now the majority...

It'll take a generation or two but as we all know, importing people with higher birth rates certainly changes the demographics...

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