Wailings of Argentina's president

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Handler, Feb 8, 2012.

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  1. Currently seem to be getting a lot of media time, the rantings of a modern day Cruella de Ville, protesting about the sending of a warship, as well as Wales and his detachment. Next we see some crap about a football team being named Belgrano, another joke, pity this politician has nothing better to moan about in her own country, instead of looking like an overdressed drag queen.
    Mind your own business madam and leave the Falklanders to mind theirs!
  2. Perhaps it's a sign that the economy of Argentina is in the poo and this is diverting attention. I think they tried this once before which ended in a regime change, happened about 30 years ago, if memory serves!
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  3. She deserves pride of place on a Gronk Board.
  4. Oh come on guys, give the poor wench a chance. Dismal domestic ratings, 30 years since the last frapping, an election looming (probably) an heir to the throne in the Falklands - in uniform no less, a Type 45 just finished BOST on the way, the possibility of a load of submriners arriving or at least lurking 'somewhere' off-shore ......

    I do hope she has a good suicide watch.

    No really, I do not!
  5. We paid a heavy price the last time and that was when we were much less stretched than we are now.
  6. Only thing is Finks according to Janes the Argies tech hasn't changed much from what they had in 82 (their best ships/rads being a few copies of 42's fitted with shit equipment). One T45 could give them one hell of a headache not to mention the Astute's.
  7. Alternatively, numerous small groups of say 4 highly trained 'special' personnel put ashore from, say, a submarine during silent hours and given a free hand...........
  8. Ours or theirs?
    Because the RAF do appear to have convinced everyone that a pair of intersecting runways = an impregnable airbase that will guarantee trillions of Eurofighters shooting down any incoming day after day.

    I do seem to recall reading about some kind of attack upon a Falklands airfield by special forces. Wonder if they've translated that into Spanish? 4 blown up Eurofighters and a temporarily closed runway wouldn't be too far out of Argentina's "sneaky invasion" playbook.

    Time to churn out a Tom Clancy esque drivel thriller?
  9. Ours of course. They don't have submarines, merely submersibles.
  10. I read somewhere that the answer was to give the Falklands independence as a UK protectorate and then admit them into NATO,[even if it is down south] the Argies cannot attack then as the Yanks and the rest would be bound to protect them,or maybe another organisation that entitles them to a seat at the UN.Game over!
    There may be other things that are detrimental to them having independence this way but someone will know if it would work or not.
    It will make them all very rich with the oil pouring in,and fishing.
    Anyway it's all bluster,they will not attack,if they did we would need to pull every troop out of Afghanistan and carry it to the Argie Mainland this time,gloves off!
  11. Totally agree EC

    They only had two 42's and they never left the wall due to lack of spares ... One is now "in reserve" which probably means its in the same state and the other one is now listed as some sort of "Command ship" ... which might mean its sea worthy but probably at the expense of the other one which will never move again as caniballised for spares.

    The fact that a Type 45 is going down there is seen a "militarizine" the zone ... yet there is always a warship on patrol in the South Atlantic.

    Nah this is just the rantings of another tin pot head of state who's popularity is going down the pan and thinks by whipping up the poulation into a frensy she can hold onto power ... she'd be better off getting her tits out!
  12. There is more chance of Charles Dickens returning from the grave dressed as a waterboatman and embarking on a round the world journey astride a bright orange penny farthing than there is of this whole affair developing any further than a piss and wind fest.
  13. Hey Monty, you'll never guess who I saw this morning on my way into work riding a stupid looking bicycle....

    But seriously, I concur fully and the sooner the mad cow's pals recognise that she is just demented the better. In the meantime though, while I can't see any military fallout from this, the impact on commercial operators in the region including oil companies, traders, fishing etc could start bending a few organisations out of shape with the effects felt in the FI, UK and Argentina - what a pity she doesn't want to see the bigger picture.
  14. She deserves pride of place on a Gronk Board. Finks have you seen Arrses thread on this subject? There are a couple of Arrsers who would do her! But then sqaddies would do anything with a pulse.
  15. For their own sanity I hope that they would paper bag her first and keep a reserve for themselves just in case hers split.
  16. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    S'already been done, by Patrick Robinson in 2006:



  17. And it was tripe too. Got it out of the library on a recommendation from a Falklands Islander, was really looking forward to it, damp squib. The squaddie-survives-alone-in-"enemy"-territory bit was OK, the lead up was just pure gash. Sooooooo disappointed.
  18. Magda

    Magda War Hero Book Reviewer

    I can't see Argentina attempting to retake the Falklands Islands, times have changed considerably in the last 30 years.

    However, this sabre-rattling has got me thinking. Which other countries do you think will be invaded or invade in the near future? I don't mean by the UN/NATO in a peace-keeping role or similar, but armed forces crossing a sovereign border at the command of their government. This could be to subdue another country or even to support a government defend itself against its people (thinking Syria here, clearly).

    I think Iran/Israel are two of the most likely candidates.

  19. Iran will take a pop at neighbouring states. We will intervene and get malletted, many RR'rs will die, it will be shit.

    Edit: Actually, as there are only about 6 serving members on this whole site. 4 will die. They will be me, Jonno, Alfred and SPB.
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  20. Iran / Israel: have you seen the geography concerned?? They don't even share a border, for a start. Unless I mis-understand the question...?? Or, maybe you mean Iran / Israel piling into Syria (which I think might be what you're getting at???). I can't see the Israelis invading Syria to support a number of disparate Arab militias, many of whom hate the Yids more than they do Bashir Al-Assad. And I dare say Teheran has better things to occupy it's time with - or will have in the near future if half of the press is to be believed!!!

    I think that the next time you see state-on-state kick-off may well be either something unforeseen in HoA (and by this, think Somalia / South Sudan etc) or indeed as a rather unpleasant repercussion of the Arab Spring, wait till hardline Islamist regimes take hold in N Africa and decide that their neighbours aren't as Islamic as they deem appropriate.

    just my tuppence worth, like........

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