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Hi All,
I am a prospective pilot/warfare officer and I am wondering what sort of impact being away at sea for extended periods of time has on relationships. Must be difficult for both parties not seeing each other for 6-8 months of the year.
Depends, if she's experienced the distance thing before.

Main advice is to tell her to keep occupied (sit down those he are about to mention other serving personnel :dwarf: ).

However, take a peak over at RearParty, it's a site dedicated to the spouses and such of those serving. There are some very experienced military wives who could advise better xx
Not to be crunchy, but I really dislike that TLA. It also can stand for Wild Ass Guess. The use of WAG stinks of some cutesy, fluffy website that was put together by a couple of wannabe military spouses.

So Lynx, if you are concerned over how a spouse or significant other may find being attached to a military personnel, why not do a search on any of the sites that the COs have put together.

There is an entire site called Rear Party which I believe will probably have at a conservative guess, over 50 threads about the very subject you are inquiring about. You don't even have to join, you can simply read thread after thread on the subject and draw your own conclusions.

I'm sure there are as many threads on here and on ARRSE as well.

To short answer you here, your spouse's comfort level at you being gone will depend entirely on the type of personality she/he has and how your relationship is. A happy relationship and spouse is usually indicative of not having problems, a miserable relationship/person will only yield a miserable deployment period.

Search is your friend.
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