wafu secret santa HELP!

Hi Guys,
So - yesterday my "flight" drew our secret santa names, and i pulled out the FLOBS. The aim this year is to insult eachother as much as possible.
I was wandering what sort of gifts you think would be offensive yet humorous to an Observer. I did find a book called i wish i were a pilot. so my theme has been going down the failed pilot route (dont shoot me pilots)
I Don't really know the guy well as he's not long been on the flight, But im going to be away for a while so i need to get ordering.

Thanks In Advance!
Willy-warmer knitted in dark blue with gold rings. Get it made much too big and put a note with it to the effect that you asked his mum/wife/girlfriend to make it, using you as the model.
Definitely Topstop's idea. Just the right amount of mick taking without being rude and insulting. If he has any sense of humour I'm sure he'd be proud to wear his headgear at every banyan.
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