WAFU, onboard!..No chance..!?!

hi lol, not really a newbie but managed to dodge AED Drafts untill now, im joining the Lusty soon... so anyway my question/query is... Me and the mrs are thinking about buying a house in pompey, (NOT marrage quaters) 100% civvy all the way. and wanted to pick some brains, when the ships along side will i beable to 'go home' every night or do they want you onboard all the time?

Hope you understand....

JT :)
When the ship is alongside (in pompey!!) you can normally get home every night, unless duty/ work committments deem otherwise. Some ships now work a shorter week in base port, longer working hours mon-thurs and half day friday/ friday off for travellers. These arrangements vary ship to ship but you should be home most nights.
AED Ships company, Wafus are never duty watch, but are blue card holders, have loads off weekly early chops and make and mends. Friday afternoons are always for sport , which you are exempt, counts as travelling time for Woos, too beat the dockyard rush and be home early. If you are well in you can have both advanced and main seasonal leaves :wink: Ps keep it under your hat!!!! and dont tell the fish heads :roll:
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