Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by Nutty, Jun 12, 2006.

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  1. Nozzy

    I suppose they must have trained (if that the words for it) some place but Feck Knows Where.

    This just may provoke one of them coming off their private net and tell us.

  2. Im maybe too old it was at bramcote hms game cock, ssikin ,culdrose,and shawbury im not a recluse,theyre going to get a slagging shortly in a sailors tale,stay tuned.
  3. But HTP where did thay go after leaving basic training/Part One/G****s/St. V ???????

  4. The Fleet air arm artificers used to do their training at Lossiemouth [HMS Fulmar].

    I think Arbroath was a training place aswell for wafoo's [HMS Condor]
  5. Fleet air arm tiffs mechanical trained at arbroath,not lossiemouth, after bramcote,i think they went to raleigh,after siskin closed they did their fire fighting and aircraft handling at culdrose. air traffic was done at raf shawbury, the joint airtraffic course was done at raf shawbury,this was an adqual,in the raf you had to be a sergeant air traffic only for three years before you got the course,once they got checked out (blue card)they became a flight sergeant,the rn as usual got us cheap i was still a killick with a blue card,but it was an adqual,you didnt have to do it,load of balls how could you refuse?It is now im told (cos in my day it was different)a branch of its own which must be a doddle ,where the acs go i dont know,theyre a secretive bunch and appear to think they are special,when in reality i only wish that i had one job.No doubt one might come out of the darkness,and give a brief,dont get your hopes up.
  6. I did my very basic training at Raleigh then parts 2 & 3 at Daedalus. Part 4 training was done at the air station you were drafted to after finishing part 3 training but that was in 79/80. I believe that parts 2 & 3 are done at Sultan now.
  7. Did anyone ever serve at RNAS TWATT?.
  8. Surely you mean HMS Tern.
    On a lighter note I saw an interview with a Shetlander who stood there and said "I am the last Twatt on the islands" it turned out his surname was Twatt, how I laughed as did the reporter.
  9. Basic Tiffy training was at Fisguard, opposite Raleigh, Torpoint. Late 50's

    Engines and Airframes went to Condor, Arbroath.

    I don't recall Lossie being a training establishment.
  10. dunno about this conversation....

    or if my post is relevant

    but HMS Sultan does part 1

    and for harriers its RAF (Bloody Crabs) Wittering til part four
  11. I qualified decades ago as an HC at Portland... I believe the secrative HCs now train at Yeovilton inorder to develop their war stories!
  12. Call me sentimental...........But I liked Daedalus. The station sent many men onto Carriers, as ships Company 'cause they were based at Pompey and could get home.........This was after The Ark/Eagle etc etc.

    Went back there for a butchers with me camera and took some piccies and "flew" over it on Google Earth which is mega brill BTW
  13. In the 60s Electrical trade training was carried out at Daedalus or Ariel as it was then called. Mechanical training was Arbrouth, for airframe and engines also Armourers. Handler training was at Culdrose.
    In the 70s All technical training was transferred to Daedalus.
  14. Got the Tee shirt! Air electrial (AL/AR) followed this route: HMS FISGARD 3 terms as an aprrentice then selection of trade to Electrical. HMS COLLINGWOOD 5 terms as an EA apprentice then selection for air branch. Then 3 terms as a EA(Air) apprentice. This was followed by a year of on the job training (called NASSO Training) as a 5th Class Tiff; in my case in HMS EAGLE and then to RNAS FORD on (nice new Gold HOOK) 764 training squadron, both on the squadron line and in the workshops. Then followed examinations, courses and further training until 12 years after joining became a Chief Tiff.
  15. Kinel Sulzer you're even older than I am. I joined in 63 and Ford was closed then. By that time all Wafu AL AR tiffs went from Fisguard to Ariel.
  16. Much older: Joined in September 51 left in July 72 (redundant) and then 73 until 89 in RNR!
  17. Must have been about the same time as a CREL(A) we had on 800 squadron. Name of Buzz Butler, ever come across him. Great guy but a little upset when he was given a front liner at his time of life, still did it and no complaints.
  18. sulzer 21 years service im thinking bad things /what the MOD did to stop you getting your well deserved pension /hope im wrong /scouse

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