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WAFFOOs Comments Copied from BBC News


War Hero
Army and Navy clash over ships

The carriers will be the Royal Navy's largest vessels
The head of the Royal Navy has defended the commissioning of two new aircraft carriers, rejecting claims that they were outdated "Cold War relics".

Admiral Sir Jonathon Band warned that Britain would always need "higher end capabilities" in the future.

His speech was seen as a riposte to Army chief General Sir Richard Dannatt, who said many new equipment programmes were "irrelevant" to modern warfare.

Admiral Sir Jonathon Band
Speaking last month, Sir Richard said that forces had been guilty of clinging to "the Cold War paradigm of interstate industrial war" for too long.

He said future defence procurement needed to reflect that Britain's troops were now more involved in counter-insurgency operations, such as in Afghanistan.

ut Admiral Band insisted that the Navy still needed the ability to mount the full range of maritime operations - from air-sea rescue and anti-drugs patrols to full scale military interventions.

"I am not volunteering for the second division," he said. "While Afghanistan is rightly our priority it is not the only show in town."

He warned of a growing "sea blindness" towards the importance of naval power, and insisted Britain needed a Navy "big enough to have a meaningful presence, whether to deter or defeat an enemy".

'Higher end'

While frigates and destroyers were important, he said that "when it comes to the push" they needed to be backed up by "higher end capabilities" like the new carriers.


War Hero
Who is a WAFFOO, a WAFU even? Not 1SL.

The link

This may refer to an address 1SL gave to RUSI yesterday. As for a 'clash' the BBC are only speculating that 1SL was delivering a riposte to CGS or that CGS was having a pop at the carriers. CGS surely gets the idea that the carriers will be a Joint asset and 'Joint' isn't a new concept. Sixty five years ago this Saturday, a rather famous and important 'Joint' Operation kicked off.

From the BBC link
Work on HMS Queen Elizabeth and Prince of Wales is expected to begin soon.

Work began about 12 years ago.
Seadog said:
...CGS surely gets the idea that the carriers will be a Joint asset and 'Joint' isn't a new concept. Sixty five years ago this Saturday, a rather famous and important 'Joint' Operation kicked off...

And 75 years ago there were those saying that a strong Royal Navy, including organic air power, was no longer necessary as a result of 'the war to end all wars'. Mind you, we were a maritime trading nation then, dependent on the sea for imports of food, fuel, raw materials and goods from far off nations in an uncertain world, as well as the export of finished products. Furthermore, we couldn't be certain of retaining our air bases in West Africa, South Africa, South America, Egypt, Malta, Cyprus, Aden, Bahrain, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Indian Ocean, the South Pacific, etc. Thank goodness those days are over. :roll:
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