Waffoos Captaining our principal warships


Lantern Swinger
True O King, but the only one of these two to become a full Admiral whilst Second Sea Lord, and be the product of the white mafia, is Brian Brown as indeed should be pretty clear from my posts # 43 and 46.

Such graciousness. Thank you. "Avoir de bonnes manieres"


Speaking of them birdies types being Skippers by far the best CO I ever' served under'( is that right termunologee?) was Capt Scott Lidbetter seen in below link enjoing his earned cushy retirement job!
Anyone else remember / heard of him,r served with him? So many stories......the ' man overboard' exercises for example were entertaining to say the least!
Je crois qu'il est un homme bien . He was defo a WAFU tho !
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