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In an interview on Radio Four's Today programme that paragon of virtue Blind Pugh was asked about the so called FASBOs or Foetal ASBOs, the latest plan by His Imperial Majesty Emperor T. Bliar to serve ABOs on teenage mothers.

Blind Pugh was quite adamant that there were several contributing factors to these dysfunctional families, all which were to be tackled.
These included,
The Adulterous Minister said:
...underachivement in education, drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, self abuse, lack of self esteem...

I'm keen to find out how they plan to do this, could it be a conspiracy to increase the number of surveillance cameras or will all teenage boys have some sort of speed detecting bracelet on each hand ?

Will these WASBOs become a badge of honour or of shame ?

Edited to correct Blind Pugh's quote.
Dontcha love the 'listen again' facility ?


Lantern Swinger
Oh! I can't agree with the minister that tossing one off is in any way the source of teenage angst in dysfunctional families. But I suppose as a man of the cloth he is really obliged to say that sort of thing, especially with the said habit being banned in the Good Book and so on. But then again it is a very funny old book, that.

I don't know if anyone here has had a peruse or so through the Old Testament, but it really is much about violence and sexual deviences than it is about peace and goodwill, with many a smiting and incest frequently done by the Biblical heroes! Rather dodgy, all that, wouldn't you say?


I agree with you about the Old Testament. I reckon that the Archbishop of York has never read it neither, when he said the other week. "What sort of God sends you out to kill people?"


Lantern Swinger
Tony Blair is not God!!

Actually, did you hear the one about Blair and Hague in the Thames? Bit of an oldie but still funny.

William Hague was strolling along the River Thames by Westminster when by accident he slipped and fell in. Immediately he began to splash and flail and cry out for help, alas, The tory leader could not swim a single stroke! But by good fortune, his political rival, Tony Blair was also non-chalantly strolling along the riverside, when he noticed that Hague was drowning. Without a thought for his own life, Blair took off his shoes, jacket and tie, dived into the river and swum out to Hague's assistance. Grabbing him in a lifeguard's hold, he heroically brought Hague to the bank and hauled him out of the Thames.

Obviously Hague was absolutely grateful, but rather embarrased, and he shyly asked Blair if he would promise not to tell anyone about this, as he didn't want it getting out to the general public that he couldn't swim. To which Blair promptly replied:

"Agreed, providing that you also promise not to tell anyone that I can't really walk on water."!

I know that I should probably have posted this in the jokes section but the Gash Barge is as good a place as any other.