W Morning News: "Unexpected Arrival Of French Military Convoy"

"Motorists could have been forgiven for thinking the country had been invaded when they got stuck behind a convoy of 50 French military vehicles on Westcountry roads.

However, they might have been even more disconcerted had they known that the 'invasion' occurred without our maritime defence force, the Royal Navy, even being aware of the French forces' arrival until the visiting military commanders contacted our police.

The unexpected arrival of French military vehicles caught Plymouth police and the Royal Navy by surprise."

Unexpected arrival of French military convoy | This is Cornwall

French army arrive in Plymouth on Bonfire Night given police convoy to Cornwall | Plymouth Herald
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Recalling my miserable time in Portsmouth's MT Branch, no military vehicle could set tyre on foreign soil without us going through diplomatic and host nation defence channels first. This has all the hallmarks of a procedural f**kup; either Frogside or, more probably, our side with PJHQ.

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