W. Morning News: "Plymouth Firm Wins £5m Ship And Submarine Interiors Deal"

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by soleil, Apr 17, 2014.

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  1. "The Ministry of Defence has awarded a £5 million contract to a Plymouth company to upgrade the soft furnishings on all of the Royal Navy’s ships and submarines.

    The contract to refurbish chairs, mattress covers, bed linen and curtains across the fleet will secure more than 200 jobs at Lang and Potter and may create new employment and training opportunities within the business.

    New materials and colours schemes will be used to improve recreational and living areas for crews who can be at sea for up to 180 days at a time."

    The Ministry of Defence has awarded a £5 million contract to Plymouth company Lang and Potter to upgrade the soft furnishings on all of the Royal Navy?s ships and submarines | Western Morning News
  2. Does this mean an end to caravan themed mess covers?
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  3. The modern Royal Navy with it's equality and inclusivity to the fore is clearly more demanding when it comes to soft furnishings. This PSOF does not recall it ever being an issue but as I will probably be reminded times and attitudes have changed.
  4. It's always been Lang and Potter!
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  5. Do you mean that bloody awful "Birdie" fabric? Unfortunately, in the '90s, that was the only stuff that would meet the Furnishing Committee, maintainablity and safety Specs.
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  6. I take it that IKEA couldn't meet the terms of the contract?
  7. Every Senior Rates Mess had the same mess covers, some fcuker must have grabbed a massive backhander for that shite
  8. As long as it all still absolutely gips of crab paste then I don't see a problem.
  9. I don't see the value in showing this as a new improvement to the Fleet rather than a continuation of what we already do but with a new contract. Soft furnishing renewals have always featured in Upkeep work packages.

    I trust, though, that material Specs haven't been relaxed in a silly way. Remembering well the constant quest for plain fabrics that didn't shrink asymmetrically, fade, combust, melt or produce dense or toxic smoke in a fire.

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