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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, Jun 1, 2010.

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  1. Since the departure of Ron Jeremy, this forum has slowly been sinking into a quagmire of filth and debauchery.
    The one saving grace is that it still has Soleil and me.

    Between us I believe that we hold the last vestige of decency in place by a very thin thread.
    I worry that Soleil may cave in and go to the dark side, leaving me to hold the torch of virtue single handed. I don't know that I could bear the pressure but being a broad shouldered type would try.

    I know that many of you probably envy me the inner strength i have to hold out for old family values, against a flooding tide of filth, to which I never yield.
    I try to implement old values in my posts and think how proud my dear old mum would be of the purity of my thoughts and deeds.
    Not for me the gutter posts of the common sailor, and I would be proud to stand apart from you filthy foul mouthed types in the forum.

    Yes me and Soleil surely do uphold the dignity of Rum Ration, and what does it matter to us that we are castigated because we refuse to sink to the sewer.
    I sometimes have to PM Soleil to remind her not to publish the Sadomasochism pics she takes with her mates at weekend "Meets" :roll: but she is a woman and subject to great temptations. I don't particularly like it if she replies when drunk and abusive, but that's just a private little problem we can sort out ourselves out of forum. And she always recycles her bottles, and never leaves needles in dangerous places, she's a lady.

    So now you have been made aware of the standards we expect from a new improved RR please leave your comment's /thoughts and input and lets have a "Sunny clean family Forum".
  2. :happy1:
  3. Needles? So Soleil is a seamstress and embroiderer. These really are family values. Well done Rum Rat.

    :eek:ccasion5: :happy1:
  4. Dhobi my hoop
  5. She made a little black dress for Jim I believe,
    We often comment on how pleasant your post's are, polite and without the filth of most of the rabble on here, especially when you express your views on Americans. :D :wink:
    Well done.
  6. Such filth with a naval vernacular.
    God knows what levels of debauchery you will attain when you actually get to serve.
  7. I'm not sure but I'm aiming for them to release a new medal for me. Something along the lines of a chocolate star.
  8. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    What the fuck is this load of old bollocks? I can't see what the problem is. This forum seems fine to me, although there can be a load of wank posted from time to time.
  9. Soleil's claim to be a bastion against filth and vulgarity are beyond doubt despite of Rumrat's veiled suggestions to the contrary.He,on the other hand, has been skating on the thin ice that is debauchery pretty much on a daily basis and very often fell in as most readers of this forum can testify.Let he that is without sin cast the first stone.
  10. Is it fuck; A small number of RR's finest have enjoyed bukkake evenings hosted by Sol. Her ability to tenderly massage a prostate in one hand, yet apply a perfectly executed left hook to an over-amorous participant is legendary.
  11. Fuck off you vulgar bastard, stop bringing the forum into disrepute you toser.
    If the fuckin filth and bad language was banished, there would be a better class of twat on here and it would restore the dignity. :roll: :wink:
  12. What a fuckin lie.
    I'm always bastard polite to all you bastards, how could you suggest otherwise you bad person.
    Its true though, satire is dead. :D
  13. Swallow me knob, you hoop bashing homo
  14. The vulgarity on this site, quite frankly is disgusting! It's not big, nor clever! I know I shouldn't read it, but I just can't stop myself. It's my dirty little secret. :twisted:
  15. I think I saw that vid youporn :)
  16. Apart from the one involving marmalade and that pit pony
  17. See the degeneration of a clean thread developing in front of your eyes.

    Nasty cunts, we should endever to clean the fuckin threads up. 8O :roll:
  18. Shush, or they'll all get jealous. :oops:
  19. Could be worse, could have been Marmite
  20. I am jealous, that fuckin pony is too good looking for wrecker.

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