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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by wafu_bstard, Sep 3, 2006.

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  1. Have noticed in the media the past few days the resurrection of a Vulcan bomber by spotters, it seems (in time for 25th anniversary) we are to be subjected to the Crabs crowing again about how they won the Falklands war with a single bombing mission (see 'Cockpit' article a few years ago). We must fight this, much in the fashion of the other reports last week of how the RN won the Battle of Britain.....
  2. I've got a nice picture of the "one" Hole in the runway at Port Stanley Airfield, that the Crabs managed if anyone would like one? How embarassing, all that fcuking way, and one hit! :oops: :oops: But they had to have a little go didn't they?
    Also got a nice pic of a Crab GR1 being underslung back to the Invince. at the same time period. :wink:
    I will say though, that the air refueling logistics of that operation,"Blackfcuk", were outstanding.
  3. Maybe we should post that picture with a caption on their site

  4. RAF are not exactly brilliant when it comes to hitting the target are they? All that way in '82 and they still cocked it up and then in '92 they 'bombed' the Ark Royal.

    Useless twats.
  5. Fantastic aircraft all that power and noise. Can't wait til I hear those words again.


    At the end of the day everybody won this battle that battle from the cook to the guy bringing the ammo up front in his/her wagon.

    Not the bootie or para all on his own!!!

    The fly past is not a look at us we did it all. If the Vulcan ,Lanc, Spitfire and Hurricane flypast brings a bit of pride back to the country then so be it.

    There are many who have never wore a uniform but who get great joy at seeing a fly past. And they dig deep for the armed forces charities at those air shows.

    Let us not forget the Atlantic Conveyor. And all the other cogs in the machine.

    Namely the medical corp people.

    In the end it was the lottery and a footlall club owner who saved the Vulcan from the scrapman. Not spotters!!

    I would sooner the lotto money went on this iron bird than the fecking opera for the knobs in London and the gay liberation fecking front!!

  6. That photo of the hit on the airfield was a bit of Argie war camoflage---they made up the runway to similate a hit for the photo's!!

    Also on the return flight one of the Vulcans had to divert to Brazil .Bit of a stir and a lot of diplomacy to allow it to take off again.
  7. brigham600 wrote: RAF are not exactly brilliant when it comes to hitting the target are they? All that way in '82 and they still cocked it up and then in '92 they 'bombed' the Ark Royal.

    Maybe the 92 bombing was a tactical move on their part. I suspect they were trying to diminish the opposition so they could be the only ones. Failed miserably at that too then. :D

  8. Greenie, the photo actually shows two hits on the runway. The reason I mentioned only one is, because the other crater is a camo mock up(according to our intelligence(?) photo readers onboard at the time.
    I would print it here if I knew how :oops: Are there any instructions anywhere on how to do it?
  9. when i posted about black buck being a pr stunt i got slated :-(
  10. I'll never forget seeing a Vulcan come off the LL route through the lakes when I was about 10. Seemed to pop over a hedge at about 250ft and then you heard the four Olys - fantastic.

    As long as the crabs don't try to claim they won the war on their tod, fair play to them - and is actually a great credit to the diehards who managed to raise £750k in addition to Jack Haywards £500k in a month.

    Its proper British engineering - I only wish there was a similar amount of RN kit kept in good order outside the FAA museum.
  11. I have the privelige of living next door to the Imperial War Museum at Duxford. If you get a chance you have to go and see it, as well as all the Crab stuff (inc Vulcan bomber) and an amazing US Air museum inc B52, U1 SR71 and many more, there is a bucket load of RN aircraft inc. Swordfishes marine spitfires etc.

    Sadly it was an air show my lazy lie ins were upset by a load of retired crabs flying jets and WW2 aircraft over my house.....inconsiderate gits!!!
  12. I have similar memories of the Buccaneers flying past the front door of our family cottage in the Scottish borders.

  13. I went to an airshow at Leuchars in 1991, or thereabouts, where there was a very large, black USAF bomber on static display. There wasn't a movement on it until just before the flypast of a Vulcan, when all the crew and their ground support stood on the fuselage to film the old girl fly by. The Vulcan did the classic landing and take-off at what must have been close to full whack and the noise was glorious.

    Just because the organisms inside it couldn't hit a target doesn't mean that the beast is any less impressive.
  14. Absolutely agree Ass Dep. Whilst doing an air show at Biggin hill, they had one there in the display, as it thundered past,at almost ground level along the runway, at the end of the runway it dropped out of site,down into the valley , and reappeared in a nearly vertical climb on the otherside. Incredible sight!
  15. I was lucky to see the last Vulcan do a fly past when it was at RAF Marham,what a sight!!!!I look forward to seeing this beautiful plane back in the air.I also believe that there is a bloke trying to get an English Electric Lightning back into flying condition.I hope he manages it.i remember seeing some take off at RAF Gutersloh way back in the 70's,awesome sight!
  16. That was "Handy" :wink:
  17. Was it the sideways walkers who bombed the Ark? I'd heard it was the civvy training organisation that dropped a "bomb" from a Hawk trainer.
  18. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    When I saw the name of this post I thought it was something about STDs on board the USS Enterprise!
  19. I was at an air show at RAF Halton a few years back. The Vulcan flew low above the runway and then went almost vertical on reheat. Impressive....I'd say so!!

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