Vulcan Bomber

Discussion in 'The Internet - Best and Worst' started by Stephen_Dee, Jul 3, 2008.

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  1. The VULCAN - what a beast ! Remember going to Jennycliff to watch the Plymouth air display, and here was the VULCAN, circling Drake's Island and the Hoe like an enormous bat. On his last run, he began to climb, and you could hear the engines starting to run down, and he sideslipped. Much panic amongst the assembled boats watching the display, and then VROOM - he cut in his afterburners and climbed vertically, barrel rolling up into the clouds, with a noise you felt as well as heard. What it was like when they scrambled them for exercise at Waddington et al, I hate to imagine.
  2. Afterburners on a Vulcan? I am probably wrong, but was it not used as an afterburner testbed and blew up? And never flew with afterburners? Like i said, i might be wrong.
  3. Higgy - You might be wrong but you know that you aren't :thumright:

    Let's wait to see if someone says that the Vulcan's Olympus engines were Rolls Royce :bball:

  4. Would reheat be a more correct term ? (Didn't have anything like that on boats).
  5. Just say "4 Olympus engines", it saves any confusion and the pedants haven't got a leg to stand on.
  6. Lujon - Could I push the envelope and be un Monsieur Tête à Claque and say 4 Bristol Olympus engines and go on to really be pedantic and say that the Messerschimdt 109 went through test & development flying on Rolls Royce engines whilst the Ubermensch developed their own??

    OK chief.... standing on one leg :thumright:

  7. Very intresting read :sleepy2: Did anyone watch the clips :)
  8. Think the Phantom was the only re heat job in the Royal Navy?
  9. You are not wrong HTP, the Vulcan had a variety of engines but none of them had reheat. There was a test bed Vulcan with a reheat engine slung underneath, which unfortunately crashed at Swinderby. Magic beast never the less. Tin Triangles for ever!
  10. Reheat, afterburner, burner. All the same thing, take your pick.
  11. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Saw Roly Falk slow-roll a Vulcan, at quite low level, at Farnborough in the 'fifties.
  12. Can't beat a T21 going full belt on 2 Ollies :tongue5:
  13. On the subject of nice aircraft ---

    Watched a 'chase me' trial (when I worked with BAC) between an F5 (I think) chasing an EE Lightning over Dhahran Airbase during a passout parade in Saudi in 79/80.
    As they flew over, the Lightning just stood on its tail, afterburners came on, and 'whoosh' the beastie left the F5 standing in mid-air as though it was hovering.

    Also witnessed (during the 90s with BAe) a flypast of an F15, followed by what I can't recall now, followed by a Tornado at a graduation parade of RSAF Officers.
    We heard the noise of the F5 coming to, and going away from us.
    The next one (I keep thinking Harrier or Jaguar - but I might be wrong), we didn't hear coming but the racket as it disappeared into the distance.
    The Tornado - nowt heard coming or going, just an almighty crack of sound as it went over our heads - almost a brown trousers moment !!

    As most of us were ex British Forces (RN/RAF), you can guess we were more than chuffed at that !


    (Why is this topic in the Intenet b or w ?? )
  14. The most impressive sight i saw was a Aussie F111 do a pass over the crowd line (Pre-Ramstein) dumping fuel. It then lit the afterburners and you had the longest and hottest trail of burning fuel ever seen (pre-Concorde) which you had to shield your face from! But that was 1977 and the HSE would never allow it now........................
  15. ?legs to stand on? :laughing8:
  16. Yes thanks; they'll put a smile on my old man's face. What a brilliant plane
  17. [Deleted]
  18. They sometimes got diverted to Lossiemouth. When i was stationed their. All in white, nuclear and awsome. You could never get near them, as they were garded by the RAF regiment fully tooled up :thumright:

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