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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by all_purple_now, Apr 7, 2009.

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  1. I've heard that awards of the VRSM are now to take place automatically through JPA.

    Does anyone have any info on how this is going to work? I ask as mine's come due (I've been doing this far too long...) and, AFAIK, no bounty info before 2002 has been loaded onto the system.

  2. Maybe you could phone up JPAC and ask what the story is, hahahahahaha I jest.
  3. :-D

    Almost had me going for a moment then :p

  4. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Good lord - I just realised that I'm now eligible for mine - 9 yrs RNR and 2 years URNU - 10 years qualifying time - huzzah! Now I just need to work out how to claim the bloody thing :)
  5. My understanding (because my CO thought it was about time that I had qualified)
    Is as follows:
    JPAC now send the medals out automatically and we are no longer required to request them, however, if you think you have qualified, and it has not turned up, then I'm sure a phone call to JPAC is the way ahead.
    Incidently, our first VRSM under this new system "arrived" at HMS FF recently without being requested!
    Hope this helps
  6. JPAC contacted.

    Apparently data before 2002 not loaded onto the system is 'an exception' to the automatic processing, and they will look into it.

    I shall let you all know what transpires.

    Now, does anyone know about Uniform Upkeep Allowance & JPA?.. :p

  7. How much time does URNU count towards VRSM? I did 3 years at Northumbrian URNU.

    Had a three year air gap before joining the RNR and only clocked up 5 yrs in the RNR so far. Thus, my URNU stuff will be in the pre-2002 archive.

    As long as I have a campaign medal before I qualify for VRSM then I'll be happy!
  8. The MOD website doesn't make any explicit statements about URNU/UOTC/UAS service, which to me implies that it's counted in full. Though I have a suspicion that one of my colleagues was told it was counted at half-rate when she went for hers.

  9. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    It counts as half time - I did two yrs URNU, so its one year accumulated.
  10. But you have to go from one to the other. The requirements for the VRSM state that nine years bounty over a ten year period, therefore, if you had a three year break, you'll have to complete the full ten years in the RNR..
  11. To be fair, it doesn't actually say that - it just says 10 years reckonable (whatever that means) service, with bounty in 9 of those years - no mention of it having to be consecutive.

  12. The mighty JPA will now automatically despatch VRSM and clasps to your parent unit as already noted. The notification that it has been sent will go to your JPA admin bod - not necessarily the person who receives your unit mail. For ar5e read elbow.

    Word of caution. If your career has a mix of any/all of previous service, leave of absence, list changes, "normal" RNR, FTRS or mobilisation then JPA cleverness falls over and medal WON'T be sent automatically. Your unit has to apply for it via medals office detailing your eligibility (to the day). The medals office is tri-service and absolutely snowers coping with current demand - so if you qualified a while back and haven't got round to applying then suggest you get your bid in.
  13. That'll be me out then. Problematically, I've just changed unit too...

  14. Had a good look into this a few years ago and as far as I remember, by looking through different sections of BR60A, reckonable service is defined as continuous service, and that only allows for a maximum of 6 months break between prior regular service/URNU etc and your RNR service. If you fall into this criteria half your prior service up to a maximum of 2 years can count towards your VRSM.
  15. I think you will find for Regular Service the maximum is 5 years (i.e. 2.5 years towards VRSM).
  16. Quite right - that'll teach me relying on memory!

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