Voting Rights for Prisoners

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by asst_dep_to_dep_asst, Dec 14, 2006.

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  1. There is a discussion currently in progress on the Jeremy Vine show (Radio 2) about voting rights for prisoners. What does the RR panel think?
  2. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I voted no, but there again why not, they already appear to have a right to single accomodation and to continue taking heroin! Who knows they may even get guilty and vote in a party that would reverse their ever more luxurious lifestyles!
  3. If ones crimes are bad enough to require the loss of liberty then in my mind it is not unreasonable to lose for the period of incarceration some of the other attributes of a free man
  4. Convicted means Outlaw, ie outside the law. Therefore no vote.
    But, I bet you the Islington mafia and the Guardianista's will win the day :evil:
  5. What about the Micks who were voted in as MPs whist doing porrige? From lawbreakers to lawmakers in one go!!.

    I heard they were really pi**ed off though as they dipped out on on travel expenses.

  6. This is going to descend into a "What about those in prison wrongfully" argument. I say no, prisoners have no rights. Sort out the justice system so we have less incidences of unfair prisonings and give criminals FA.
  7. I would suggest not, miscarriages of justice are a different problem, I have heard no suggestion that because there may be a miscarriage then the sentence should in some way more lenient.

    Once guilty and sentenced that is your state until pardonned or an appeal is successful.

    I think in many ways the main contributor to dodgy convictions is the clamour for arrests from the tabloids and polititions. The need is for the truth, the mothers of those five girls currently in the news need to know the GUILTY person is banged up not that some one has been banged up.
  8. Nothing ever surprises me anymore with this pathetic country and the liberal ideals it promotes.

    It really does not pay to be honest these days at all and I often contemplate going out and robbing a shop, stealing a car, beating someone up or generally becoming a twat so that I am able to be sent on holiday to Florida, be given IT courses, have my family looked after etc.

    Its THE way ahead in my book. ;-)
  9. Mostly i was referring to a thread which happened a few months ago, people arguing that prisoners should have as many rights as non-criminals because some prisoners are, for example, old women who refuse to pay council tax because they can't afford it. What i mean is to sort out this problem further down the line so prisoners can be treated as such without worrying about what people think of treating people who've comitted less serious crimes.

    Personally, the way i see it, is that prison's for people who are dangerous to society. I'm no judge! But imprisoning some people for certain crimes seems a bit odd. So those who are dangerous to society surrendered their rights when they committed the crime.
  10. Seriously! Prison is no deterrent anymore. Even i wouldn't be bothered by the idea of it.
  11. I fear you will not do well on the Florida holiday, and any course you do will probably not be the one you really wanted.

    I for one would also not see it as a good move to reduce wifey to existing on benefits either, they may be free but they are not generous.
  12. They forfeited the right to vote when they were convicted!If they cant abide by the Laws of Society then they dont benefit from Society!
  13. Serving time should automatically negate the right to a vote while in prison. When released the right to vote should only be reinstated when the full sentence has been completed. i.e. Ten year sentence, released after serving four. No vote until the ten years has expired.
  14. The Bliars have no interest in keeping prisioners down as the Wicked Witch continues to make an excellent living from protecting the rights of the badly-done-to pariahs of society. Lord Falconer should be put in charge of ensuring prisioners get the vote and possible peerages for services to society!!!
  15. Peter, I take it you really know that my post was very much 'tongue in cheek' and honestly only an attack on this insipid Government of ours who truly seem to make life better for the dishonest.

    I have no compulsion to turn to crime at all. :D
  16. Oh dear I seem to be the only one so far who has voted yes.

    So few of the population actually vote about 33% or something:

    1. So how many prisoners would vote anyway
    2. Do you really think they(the prisoners) give a shit except for one or two activist
    3. I pay UK income tax and do not get a vote. So how about restoring my vote before you deprive another of theirs.
    4. If you feel that we should remove rights ie. to vote, then it is my opinion that our Law should remove all human rights and privileges, For the full term of their sentence not just on small meaningless item. This of course would cause great problems with all the various pacts, and International agreements we have so is really a non starter.

  17. Next they will be asking for a pension for time done...
  18. I thought as much, but it is still reality that prison is not the way to a life of pleasure and leisure and the benefit system whilst open to abuse is not for most over generous.

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