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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by subset, Apr 16, 2007.

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  1. Let the Jocks keep them together with the cost.

    NO cos we the English will not need them.

  2. You clearly are not aware of the SNP non-nuclear stance. We Scots (The ones that voted SNP - 53% of the electorate that actually voted) do not want nuclear weapons. Thus in the unlikey event (At present) that Scotland gains indepentance, they will have to go. If England does not want them (However Labour still advocates a nuclear weapon stance) then at long last the British Isles will be nuclear weapon free.
  3. Not quite true

    I am resident in Scotland--been here a lifetime and voted SNP

    The majority of Scots voters voted SNP to remove the useless Westminster labour muppets and the equally useless Lib dem hangers on.

    The SNP separation promise --won't happen --the referendum is a non starter . However the council tax ,tolls on bridges etc etc reforms just might get applied.
  4. I hope you're right! :idea:

    It seems I voted in the same constituency as you too 8O
  5. I'm in North Fife not far from Dundee
  6. Completely agree Greenie, the majority of votes for the SNP were about giving Labour a good old fashioned political dig in the ribs, not about nuclear submarines and weapons. However, whilst that is the electorate’s intention on this vote, in my opinion of course, it could act as the foundation for wider debate and change in Scotland, including the nuclear issue.
  7. The way I see it, people weren't voting for the SNP, they were just voting against Labour.
  8. Although there were other parties they could have voted for that may actually have had more chances of winning in some seats yet they still voted SNP.

    Clearly the Scottish electorate is getting fed up with Labour and it's embedded culture of cronyism, it's leadership by Blair and so on, but equally the electorate is getting fed up with the continual barrage of anti Scots comments from down south and that makes the SNP more favoured than they may well otherwise be.
  9. "The continual barrage of anti-Scots comments", Maxi?

    Could it be they've actually woken up to the fact that a vocal minority have disliked the English for a very long time ?
  10. Could this be the first step for New Labour to close a Naval Base. I must admit I have not heard a lot of shouting from the Cyde area. Portsmouth and Plymouth have been shouting louder.
  11. You may have the 'non-nuclear' stance in Scotland now as do a lot of the Welsh, English and Irish citizens on both sides of the border, but when your self considered First Minister has categorically stated that he will go for independence and adopt the Euro in the future, what will Scotland do when the French begin to dictate your policies?

    They, the French government, are committed to maintaining the nuclear facility as well as making their presence felt in the wider world.

    Maybe they will place a puppet King/President on the Scottish throne ?

    There are also the wider issues, that if Scotland declares independence, what of the jobs currently being carried out there, Tax Officers for the UK, one (possibly the main) government switchboard in Glasgow?

    I have relatives in Scotland, will all visitors, not of Scottish birth, have to go through a Passport control ?

    And, but by no means the least, there are certain Mid East countries that are actively developing nuclear capability - if they were to consider an attack (for whatever reasons) on the British isles, I doubt if any weapon would differentiate between Scotland and the rest of the Isles.

    Far fetched ? Maybe, but not totally not out of the question in these days...!

  12. As the question was presented, I couldn't sensibly vote on it.

    If things stay as they are, I would leave the boats and the facilities (don't forget Coulport!) where they are. Tactically it's the best location. If Jockistan seriously moves toward independence, though; move the whole show to Guz, soonest. That would make life at Ernesettle interesting but I just hope it wouldn't encourage the free Kernow walahs to kick off.
  13. Our First Minister in waiting (and how long will we have to wait after this latest NuLbor cock up) will not make us independant with or without the Euro unless we say so what ever he would like to be able to do. But if we do choose then that is our descision. I think the French dicxtating our policies directly is far less likely than us having to put up with the bunch of numpties that seem to get elected south of the border, but that's life. Yes your Froggy chums from accross the channel seem to like nuclear weapons too, but many other European states do not and don't seem to suffer over due pressure frm the Frogs to change that. Equally I suspect we would be relatively unlikely to swop an English puppet like Junping Jack for a frog one. As to passports well that will depend, one can move between many European countries without passports so it is quite possible for Scotland and England to manage to do the same, that may well depend though on how well Westminster tackles the problem of illegal immigration. As for the lack of differentiation made by nuclear weapons between adjacent countries, living beside France has not encouraged Switzerland for example to build nuclear weapons of it's own.
  14. Maxi - most of the cabinet and probably our new PM are scottish!! Maybe one day we'll wake and the jocks will have invaded - we all know how much Brownie likes stealth taxes!! :wink:
  15. The presant PM was born in the Scotish capital

    Stealth Invasion ??
  16. But they only got the chance because so many NuLabor MPs got elected in the south and then chose this lot to run things. I do remeber that when he first got selected as leader of the Labour Party every one was at pains to tell us Dear Leader Tone was really English despite his odd sojourns north of the border.
  17. Maxi,

    If I recall correctly, the final % count was not in Nu Liebour's favour, and they only got in because of the first past the post system being strenously applied. And, yes, I know that the other parties do the same thing ---

    But, as we all know, the voter can be very fickle at times.... so a question could be how long will it be before the Scottish electorate becomes fed up with the major party/ies policies etc up there ?

    As for 'everyone' telling us that Tone was English -- I don't recall that, so it must have been party spin a la Campbell & Mandy.. .. and obviously the poor misguided ones believed it.

  18. But under the present Westminster system %s don't count, it is first past the post and bums on seats, and England elected to many NuLabor bums.

    Of course the voter can be fickle, just look at the number of English NulAbor MPs, not just fickle but weird too. I think things will be quite interesting up here with no party daring to do anything that will result in a re-run of the election in the short term but no one appart from the SNP perhaps actually wanting to forn a binding coalition. A year or two of minority government might make the idea attractive who knows.

    Selective momory is a wonderful thing you must try to keep a hold of that.
  19. Agree Streaky.
    Also, if England wants to refit Trident in Guz, they should base them there. Not just take the weapons off in Scotland then take them to Guz. Keep the bombs in Plymouth too!!
    geoff(ers) :?

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