Vote for Guzzler in Eastleigh By-Election

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Stirling, Feb 17, 2013.

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  1. I'd vote for guzz and then go and heckle him just to see what happened.
  2. He'll call you a racist and bigot for having a different view to him
  3. If Guzzler can change this country of ours back to the way it was when I was a young sapling he will get my vote, if he can't then he can do one.
  4. Can you still buy woad?
  5. Oh no back into therapy then?
  6. Yes at weasonable wates if it's classed as a drive.
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  7. Or even a dwive?
  8. He will set anjem choudary and his goons on you.
  9. Vote? Vote!

    We'll have less of that sort of language please.
  10. Yeah exactly!
  11. OK, I'll bite.

    Not really, I admit I sometimes overeact a bit about what I feel are clich├ęd and sweeping statements with little evidence, usually plucked from the pages of the Daily Hatemail, which I have to admit has done a fantastic job of inflaming the population and using immigrants as scapegoats for a country's problems, a stance taken in fairly recent history with not very nice results...oops, here I go again. I think I have tempered my 'knee-jerk' comments recently, as it is not a sensible way to debate an issue of course, and generally enjoy intelligent discussion with the majority on here who are capable of such.

    I retain a desire and intention to insult photo-walts, mental 'councillors' and mouth breathers from mysterious 'forrun' speshul forces/needs.
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  12. No one vote for cum guzzler.
  13. You owe every tree and plant that has ever existed a million apologies for wasting the product of their extremely hard work. That Oxygen should have gone to a better home.
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  14. First bit: Can you expand on that? Any examples? (Seriously - genuine question). If the 'average Englishman' doesn't know what his own culture is whose fault is that? I am well aware of what my culture is.

    Second bit: It doesn't matter when these 'two million Muslims' decide that they want a state within a state, it's not going to happen. Stop being a scaredy cat.
  15. The recycling bin is full, Im being bombarded with election bumf. Received some stuff 3 times. Loads of parties Ive never heard of before. Ill be glad when its over.




  16. Can I just point out that what you practise is actually a perversion.
    Jeremy Kyle would help you straighten yourself out.
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  17. English culture is celebrated every night. Normally between the hours of 1900 - 0300.

    It's pretty well represented on here too.
  18. I'd go with that.

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