Volunteers wanted for the Sea Cadets - contact [email protected]

Discussion in 'Charity' started by Development Officer, Sep 17, 2014.

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  1. The Sea Cadets are a youth organisation offering training to young people aged 10 to 18 who are looking for volunteers.

    We recruit volunteers aged 18 and over to deliver training to our cadets.
    We supply full support and training to our volunteers to enable them to fulfill their and add to their personal CV. The training we provide includes: Instructor grades, SCC Offshore Sailing, SCC Offshore Power, RYA Dinghy Sailing, RYA Wind Surfing, RYA Power Boating, SCC Rowing, BCU or SCC Paddlesport Coach, SCC Shooting (Small Bore), SCC Shooting (Full Bore), BSAC Sub-Aqua Diving, Adventure Training, Rock Climbing/Abseiling, Bandmaster (DoM or RMSM approved, SCC Meteorology plus much more.

    The Sea Cadets use a nautical theme based on the customs of the Royal Navy to teach skills from cookery to computers, engineering, first aid, sailing, navigation and the art of seamanship both on land and on the water. We are currently looking for volunteers aged 18+ to help teach cadets these valuable life skills.

    Volunteers need no experience just a passion to work with young people and a willingness to attend training.

    What we do: Adventure Training, Camping, Canoeing, Cook/Steward, Communications, Diving, Drill, First Aid, Field craft, Kayaking, Marine Engineering, Meteorology, Mountain Biking, Mountain Leadership, Navigation, Physical Training, Pulling (Rowing), Sailing (including offshore), Seamanship, Shooting……………….

    If teaching the cadets isn’t your thing and you can donate your skills by helping on the Sea Cadets Committee. The units need support with admin, fundraising, PR and marketing, boat maintenance, accounts and much more.

    For more information, please contact 07867 871 906 or email [email protected]
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  2. We are just in the process of finding out how to form a new unit in Bridlington......
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  3. Good luck. Getting one set up is definitely a challenge and I wish you well. It is definitely a rewarding experience.

    Although the most obvious objective is to get staff on board, do not underestimate the criticality of a functioning Unit Management Committee (or Team, depending on which bit of schizophrenic SCC literature you are reading) as this is not only the group responsible for the fund-raising but are also the legal entity of the charity and title-holders for the assets. Without them, a Unit simply cannot function. These are the back-room crowd and the unsung heroes of SCC Units up and down our fair land.

    Your District Officer should be heavily involved in supporting you as well.
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  4. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    With you at the helm as OC amigo? Good drills.
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  5. This is excellent news! I am keen to learn more about the start up and help in anyway I can.

    Could you contact me on the details above please Barney.
  6. Negative Blackrat,back to Chief for me,had enough of the wardroom! ;-)

    Development officer,sent you an email
  7. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Really? I thought the subdued ring and dolphins looked quite fetching on you.
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  8. Dolphins still there but in MTP now,back to a single fouled anchor surrounded by furled oak leaves surmounted with the Queens crown! ;-)
  9. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    You've changed.
  10. For the better :)
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  11. Do they also teach grammar and punctuation? Or proof-reading?

    No? Thought not.
  12. Shush now Capn_Pugwash.

    You think that is bad, you should see our regs and guidance documents.

    Only good thing is, at least they are not pongo and are at least making an effort at literacy.
  13. Sort of like:

    I know you think you understood what you thought I meant, but do you understand what I thought I said?

    One SCC publication I saw had "Forward", rather than "Foreword" and the author (Ex RN RO2) didn't understand the difference.

    Oh deary me.

    Glad I'm now a civvie and a University student, though Universities aren't much better.
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  14. You can still be the CO of a unit, many have PO's in charge, not my unit though, we have a Lt, 2x CPO, 1x PO, 2SGT's for the RM Cadets and me on call to make up numbers as a military uniformed CI. Couple more years in the mob before I officially join them, I find it a good laugh and time killer while on leave while helping the future of the RN. 2 of the kids I taught are now fully trained WAFU's and a 3rd is a RFA Motor Man.
  15. Was thinking about joining my local unit (chose RNA instead) but the unit is that bad you would need to seriously shake it up and I feel the set in their ways staff would not like the change and leave! Their 1st Lt is s PO and she walks around in rig, no hat smoking rollies.

    No ex RN, all strawberry mivvies

    I watched them at the town gala (July). Everybody was there at 8am for a 10 am start, they strolled in at 12. Took nearly 2 hours to pitch the gazebo and moved it about 4 times, the gala finished at 3!!! 1st Lt stood around tabbing without giving any direction, and trying to scam free gizzits of us.

    They couldn't even turn up for Sea Sunday, even the crabs cadets made an effort.

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  16. I have already been the CO of a CCF RN section as wavy navy LT after leaving the mob in 2008,gave that up last year and now looking at this,but as the other instructor forming the unit with me is a wavy navy LT it would be top heavy,happy being a Chief again!

    And to black cat you,I have an ex cadet as a helo pilot in the RN and one as a warfare officer on a T45,plus various others across all three armed forces.....;-)
  17. Barny, I'm 28 with 3 years experience of teaching cadets, when I'm in god's wait... Ahem, the CPO & WOs mess, I may have a number of ex cadets like that too oppo.
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  18. These young thrusters barging into the mess saying we need change.......:mad:;)
  19. Slight change of thread,but have just been bounced with Remembrance parade commander,as it is not bringing the service into disrepute I will be wearing my CPOs uniform as a veteran,white or black gaiters? I have a pace stick and bosuns call.
  20. I have a friend in the GI's association I can ask if you want? Though I'd find out if your cadets are wearing gaiters and follow suit, if not just pace stick and infantry whistle.

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