Volunteering for Special Service, 1942


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Chap told me on Sunday how he (was) volunteered for COPP. He had volunteered for the RN in 1941 ish (he's 88 now and seems fit as a flea, including upstairs) in order to avoid nastier fates like the army. He then answered a call for volunteers for electrical training which sounded both interesting and useful and passed out as an EM2. His batch were then lined up and asked if they could swim. "No Chief". "No Chief". "No Chief". Him: "Yes Chief". And promptly found himself, kitbag, hammock and toolbox on a train on draft to Hayling Island to join COPP. Winter; 1st morning (and all the others) roused out and shouted into the sea starkers led by the Captain. Just as well he gave a truthful answer (or maybe not!).

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