Vivid/sexual dreams and my fella!


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(men, you may wish to re-think these types of comments before opening your mouths)

So, my dreams have been a little weird lately but check this out!

I saw this gorgeous man in Larnaca last night, tall, toned, piercing Mediterranean eyes, olive skin and jet black hair. He approached me and my friend opened his mouth and the most adorable yet sexy Italian accent breezed our cheeks before us!

So what does my mate do, wobbly at the legs, flirting eyes, strokes his arm………..then reminded by my quick leg kick that her boyfriend is on his way to pick us up!

Anyhow………………during my sleep last night, I dreamt this guy had come to my front door, as I opened it, he whisked me away to some romantic beach, candle lit dinner and the most amazing and passionate sex, whilst the waves lapping over but the ending was shocking! Scared me for that morning!

Mr. Josephine asked me to explain my dream but I couldn’t, it would affect him, he’d be mortified!

So there I was in the kitchen making breakfast when Mr. Josephine made a comment on how god intended women to live and work in the kitchen……….cue a good time to tell him my dream! As I get to the end, his face was stunned; he wouldn’t say anything to me for 5 minutes.

I hear you asking about the ending…………..well it wasn’t me being farked like a wild buckaroo on the beach, it was Mr. Josephine and our Italian Stallion 8O


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So you got your rocks off dreaming that your SO was having the Leaning Tower of Pisa rammed up his Piazza?Hmmmm,must be something odd going on in your reality/head,maybe you ought to give Harry Bosche a call.


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While your OH wasnt saying anything did he have a look on his face like :

I will get revenge

Damn she has found me out

Damn she didnt get his number

My God I married a weird one here


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Hey JD you havent said how you felt when you saw it was your OH with the Italian Stallion..... did it repulse you or did you like the idea of watching your OH take one in the fudge funnel ?
Reminds me of the young married couple lucky enough to live near the seashore in Cyprus. One day, they decided to host a dinner party for friends. The wife wanted to serve escargot so she walked along the beach with a bucket to gather some edible snails. On the way, she met a handsome young local man and fell for his charms. After an afternoon of passionate love-making, she suddenly remembered about the snails and and quickly gathered some before rushing home.

In her hurry to get indoors, she tripped and dropped the bucket of snails, which scattered all down the steps. The front door opened and her very angry husband stood in the doorway asking her where she'd been all this time. Without hesitating for a second, the woman looked at the snails all down the steps, then said, "Come on guys, we're almost there!"

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