Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by SILVER_FOX, Jul 26, 2007.

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  1. The end of e-mail: discover new ways to stay in touch.

    "It was the 250 e-mails a day that finally sent Darren Lennard, managing director of the investment bank Dresdner Kleinwort, over the edge. At the end of a particularly bad afternoon in the City of London, he took his BlackBerry from his silk-lined pocket, saw the familiar screen full of new messages, and smashed the sleek, shiny gadget on his kitchen counter".

    Christ - how many of us have felt like doing something like that on at least one occasion?

    "... e-mail now controls us, rather than us it. A recent study from AOL suggested that many people are increasingly addicted to e-mail, checking their messages while in the bathroom, at church or while driving. Researchers also report that between 10 and 50 per cent of work time is now spent using e-mail, which is having a huge impact on productivity".

    All true! So very, very true!!!

  2. Perhaps my long lost African relatives will then stop trying to send me money or offer to sell me pills to improve my sex life.I can only hope they lose my address.
  3. We must be on the same mailing list or have the same relatives.
    Must say the powdered Rhino horn has done wonders for my roses.
  4. Ditto.
  5. Well if you do hear from your African relatives, can you see if they can have a word with mine - I've given them 5 grand so far, and they keep on having problems with the postage for the comedy sized cheque they keep on sending me pictures of.
  6. Indeed. My working day extends by two hours, witting on the damned train with a 3G card in my laptop hacking through stuff. Although Sometimes it's easier to queue emails, then connect via my router when I get home, hence people getting emails from me sent around 2000 - 2100, that in itself communicating the wrong message about my working pattern.

    Of course the firm are ok about a balanced lifestyle so as long as I'm bringing in the revenue then they're happy for me to ignore email now and again.

    A big part of it is being sensible, switching off the laptop or Blackberry and not worrying about it. There are times you need to pull an all-nighter, but not often.
  7. If you do want your African relatives to stop sending you money visit this website for some handy tips.
  8. An old boss of mine used to habitually delete his entire inbox on return from leave and then send out a message to all saying that "due to technical problems" his account was corrupted with a request that any important messages be re-sent.

    The results were about 25% on average being re-sent. No one really believed him of course but it prooves just how much crap is sent out.

  9. How about a program for re routing them back to source etc.I often re post junk mail back to their senders or even send them to other junk mailers.Must cause some consternation when a double glazing company gets a flyer from another company.
  10. Difficult to block some junk emailers as they send you crap, you block it and they change their email address and send you more crap the following week.

  11. S-F

    Two choices, do not have any e-mail addresses, cancel any you do have. or have a business one that you never open and a private one which you change every 18 months and have high security settings on your PC.

    When I worked in the field for a large leisure company I was given a company e-mail address about 18 months before I left. As they did not give me a laptop and access to the system it never got read. When challenged by HR why I had not responded to an e-mail I replied

    That I was not going into Head Office to read e-mails
    If you want me you can phone my company mobile any time in working hours, hands free in car and was always answered.
    I was not going to use my home PC for company business

    Of course it did help that I was not seeking promotion and knew what date I was leaving on approx.

  12. The biggest problem with spam and phishing email is the amount of capacity it takes up in the network, same with the hoax warning emails which are worse than the problems they warn about.

    The Internet in general is suffering an ever increasing noise floor at the moment, which is just leading to increased costs for ISPs and big communications companies.
  13. 'Noise floor' ??? I must be getting old because I don't understand things any more.
  14. Nice idea R-G, how do you do it?

    There is software available to generate temporary E-mail addresses, or ones that will only accept a certain number of E-mails.

    SF have you tried Yahoo? Their spamfilter works very well.
  15. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I'm with BT and as Crabman says the spam filter is very good. I rarely check the spam folder, just delete its contents when I look at my mail. I get in the region of 200+ spam mails a day. A warning to those that don't know, if you put your email address out into the web disguise it by changing the @ to a different character. I reckon that anyone that doesn't get a reply to an email they send me will either phone or snail mail me.
  16. Use a Radar or Sonar comparison.

    On a radar picture you get a level of clutter, backscatter from the sea surface etc which can make distinguishing the actual traffic picture more difficult. It's a similar thing, the levle of clutter in the network actually makes getting the traffic signal through that much more difficult.

    A similar comparison would be comms jamming or broad spectrum ECM.
  17. Thanks Karma, my personal noise floor is now much reduced because I understood all that!

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