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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by RP1986, May 9, 2008.

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  1. Members Online: 11
    Visitors Online: 41
    Total: 52
    This was taken at 1245 Friday 9th May, how come we have so many visitors and not many members on line? It’s great to see so many voyeurs out there but why don’t you join? You could then add your two penith worth to the threads adding new blood to the site, and seeing the age of some of the members on RR we might need some new blood soon. Only joking, the older and bolder you are the better the dits.
  2. many visitors will be members. For example when I post something I usually log out - otherwise it looks childish to sit there watching who reads it or replies ... sorry :whew:
  3. OOPS better log out quick before someone spots that i'm still here :thumright:
  4. Found this site this morning and just joined. Afternoon shipmates! :wav:
  5. hey guzzler welcome to RR :hello2:
  6. Some days I keep the window open and minimised in my bar, forget about it and come back to it later on. I just couldn't live with myself if people saw me on the same page for two hours. :lol:
  7. G R. I think you may have that SOP all to yourself! I'd never thought of looking until you mentioned it. Like Ant_H, I often leave it running in a separate Window. Whatever must you think.
  8. What about Total Members 6352 (current figure). So where are they all hiding?

  9. All afraid of getting hassled by Nutty when he's had a tot!!!
  10. A lot will be "bots" and "spiders" from search engines trawling the net.
  11. ...of those 6352 members 2607 have never posted anything.
    I never log off, what is the point ??, I would only have to log back in.
  12. It may interest you to know that a fair few of the 6352 have been, seen and left in disgust! Not always I might add for sensible reasons but they've gone! they have other fish to fry! There's the trolls who join, stir and leave and there's them like me, return occasionally to see how things are progressing and go away again shaking their heads in disbelief!

    The important thing is your still running, some regulars, some idiots, but generally not to bad - don't knock it there's some forums never got off the ground, nor stayed the course!! You can't maintain the level of interest all the time!

    Hey just a thought but there may even be some who are absent for operational reasons! Just occasionally I believe the odd ship does go to sea and work! But only occasionally mind!!
  13. Hey!
    I'm still alive....but as it's soooooo sunny just lately I've taken to catching up in the back garden. Very small doses mind otherwise the deeps in me will reject it!
  14. Hello, Sailors ....

    I log in when I need to post something on the Charity thread, but apart from that let you get on with your nautical habits. Others are voyeurs, who hope to understand something incomprehensible .. The Royal Navy :thumright:

    I mean, who needs someone from ARRSE, who's ex-Crab and ex-RN, pontificating endlessly on subjects he knows nothing about?

    Mind you, they do it all the time on AARSE ;-)
  15. There may also be some who have more sense and are out on the piss instead of reading most of this crap, when i was a young sailor, and IF they had computers in those days, then i would have been out on the piss and missed all of this jolly stuff. :w00t:
  16. But wouldn't some be there all the time. I logged on about 0430A today and was on me jack jones. Very lonely morning watch, sun coming up abaft the beam, cup of kye, quick cough and a drag and it'll be time to call the hands.

  17. Wot are 'bots and 'spiders' Please enlighten me :thumright:

    I quite often don't log on just read the posts and only log on when I want to put my oar in! :bball:
  18. Don't worry, bots and spiders are internet programs which trawl through many internet forums either posting obscene things (hard to detect on this forum) or just collecting data.

    They probably have other uses (including good ones) but I can't think of any at the moment!
  19. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Bots are robots that check sites for the likes of google and give them ratings (thats what I was told)

    Spiders go through the internet looking for valid email addresses to send spam emails to
  20. They do indeed. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo etc. use them to build up their databases. They constantly trawl the web looking for new sites. Without them, searching for info would be more difficult. So they're not all bad. :money:

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