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War Hero
80 of 'em at the moment....Zulus thousands of 'em Sir.........

If your all journos looking for a about a donation to a service charity fellas?????


War Hero
Ah! those last twenty minutes at work, too late to start anything new yet too early to walk out the door, lets just have a look see if all those matlows have finished beating themselves up over the latest PR disaster!


War Hero
Dear visiting journos....

I have a very good story to sell, it involves Sex, Beer, Uniforms and being somewhere I shouldn't have been, I am open to offers of sex, beer and money.

Thanking you in anticipation............


Lantern Swinger
I tell you what, if my lets kill monkeys, execute the royal family & wimmin shouldn't be allowed in the military threads are read by a journo I am nailed on to get into the papers! Urrah!
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