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visiting an old wafu


my Aunty visits a ex wafu in a care home in wakefield, she has broken her hip and can't get over to see him.
what i am asking is if there is anybody in the wakefield area(orbury)who can spare 1/2 an hour to visit a lonley ex mateloe.
if so let me know and i will give you the details.we have tried the RNA and drawn a blank which i think is pretty disgusting.
i am in halifax and will try and get over next week sometime but have got some transport difficulties.


War Hero
Just as an aside, I was wondering whether it might be worth adding his details on - that way, any old mates would be notified that he was newly listed and they might like to get in touch, even if it's only via a letter or a Christmas card. It's not the perfect answer but it's an idea.


Lantern Swinger
Ex Victorious member says he will try to visit this weekend and organise a rota of local members to tide him over the next few weeks.



thanks to all who helped ,the victorious assosiation are talking to my aunty so eveery thing should be sorted.we did try the rna both local and national and drew a blank havn't tried the rbl yet but i am a member of both assosiations and once again am dissapointed with the rna
Try SSAFA; they're often more sympathetic than the TRBL who are still very patronising and superior. Look up the SSAFA rules for assistance; anyone, or his/her relatives who have served in the Armed Forces for one day, regardless of the method of discharge. The RBL insists on "Good Conduct", whatever that means. SSAFA just helps!!


i can't tell you how happy i am with my fellow mateloes and ex mateloes i know i am sad and love the mob but its times like this when it hits home what a thing we have.
once navy always navy
yours aye


Regarding your comment about the RNA, Wakefield no longer has a locl Branch, if you need to contact anyone in No 11 Area please contactme the Area Secretary for 11 Area (North East) and I shall endeviur to contact the last known secretary of Wakefied and see if any of their ex members can visit.


Too far away, sadly.
Is the old chap on the phone? On the internet?
I'd gladly while away an hour or two swinging the lamp with him.
Please pm me with his details if he'd like a natter


wardmaster said:
Try SSAFA; they're often more sympathetic than the TRBL who are still very patronising and superior. Look up the SSAFA rules for assistance; anyone, or his/her relatives who have served in the Armed Forces for one day, regardless of the method of discharge. The RBL insists on "Good Conduct", whatever that means. SSAFA just helps!!
Well! I agree that the RBL should help but seldom does and that SSAFA should be similarly helpful but similarly isn't. Several years as a SSAFA Caseworker produced the jaundice.
Both organisations are a bit "precious" SSAFA banks with Coutts


slim said:
hookyw said:
wardmaster said:
Both organisations are a bit "precious" SSAFA banks with Coutts

Thank fck they don't bank with Iceland :w00t:
May I correct Slim.
I fear they have done so already --Not SSAFA but the principal naval charity did ,as did the RAF one
The ABF haven't released their figures yet.
Sadly,under Charity Commission rules you will be prevented , under law ,from getting to the bottom of it.


Lantern Swinger
Yorkie S, I'm in Halifax too.

Drop me a PM with your details and we'll see what we ca russell up between us.



Lantern Swinger
An update.

My friend from HMS Victorious Association visited Louis today and had a great time, Louis' long term memory is very sharp with excellent recall of events. Louis is 93 on 22 November and has asked my friend to bring him a tot! I wonder if we could organise it so that Postie had a bit of extra work that day - I'm sure a good few cards and messages of support would be a great boost to the morale.

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