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Visiting a ship?


I have AIB in a few months for Deck Officer Cadet. For research purposes, is it possible to visit a ship in port, and get a feel for what it's like to be onboard?
If so, how does one go about it?
Any help would be very gratefully received from you experienced chaps out there.....!


Lantern Swinger
We regularly host visitors on our ship's. Local groups, URNU, RNR and even the RN.

How they do it is knowing that a ship is in a certain port or will be at a certain time and also knowing how MOD email addresses are structured so they can drop the Operations Officer a line to start the conversation.

For normal people, your careers office should be able to organise. (If they can't please do let us know)


Thank you for your answer,'s much appreciated.
Are you a serving RFA officer?
Is that what you mean by "let us know"?!
I shall try the careers office first anyway.
My AIB is not until June, so I've plenty of time....(I think)!!!!


Lantern Swinger
Are you a serving RFA officer?
Is that what you mean by "let us know"?!
I shall try the careers office first anyway.
Please do, there is always official channels to follow, however if they are not working its always a possibility to shake the tree from the other end.
My AIB is not until June, so I've plenty of time....(I think)!!!!
things always take longer than people expect :D
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