Visit to the Vet

This woman goes in the vet with her pet duck, plonks it down on the table and says "What's wrong with my duck".

The vet looks at it, pokes it a bit and replies "Your duck is dead madam"

"Don't be silly young man" replies the the woman "I want a second opinion"

The vet says "Madam, your duck is dead, but if you want a second opinion, so be it"

The vet goes out of the surgery and comes back in with his black pet gun dog who leaps up on the table, looks at the duck and sniffs it, looks back at the vet and shakes it 's head from side to side, then leaves the surgery.

"Sorry madam, my dog agrees, your duck is dead"

The woman, becoming increasingly distressed, says "What the hell was that all about. I want another opinion"

The vet, once again, goes out and comes back with his pet moggie and places it on the table. Said moggie gives the duck the once over, looks at the vet, shakes its' head side to side and runs off.

The vet looks at the woman and says "Madam, your duck is dead. That will be £150 please"

"What do you mean £150" said the woman, "You tell me my duck is dead and ask for £150, that's outrageous"

"Madam, that's £30 consultation fee, £60 for the LAB report and £60 for the CAT scan"!!!

Sorry folks :mrgreen: