Visit to Condor 3rd March 2012

Arrived at Condor 1000 and straight for a hearty brunch in the mess, followed by a briefing of the day’s events. We were split into groups and my first serial was on the range where we used the Sig Sauer 9mm, SA80 and Minimi, great fun and if I say so myself I acquitted myself fairly well. The next serial was the death slide, followed by an abseil off the back of the ski slope, then on to the indoor video shooting range, where we used the GPMG, .5 HMG, SA80, Minimi, Grenade Launcher, it was like the Wild West and everyone had a great time.
Then back to the son’s sumptuous cabin for shower etc. At 1830 we all mustered in the Memorial Garden for a talk by the RSM and official photo. Over to the bar for pre-dinner drinks Guinness and G&T so things could only go downhill from then on. The dinner was excellent with wine flowing; the RSM gave a brilliant speech which was applauded by all. Then the dreaded port, as you know it goes down easy but can have a devastating effect. Back to the bar where the banter was excellent, come 0200 I was considerably worse for wear and took an early bath clutching my rabbits, of a pair of 45 cufflinks and the dinner menu which all the guests received. After 12 hours horizontal I awoke to a black pudding and snorker roll and a cup of tea this was followed by copious glasses of water to re-hydrate this old body of mine.
I also received another rabbit, an engraved Op Herrick 14 limited edition bottle of 15 year old Glencadam malt 58.8%; bottle No 158 from a bourbon cask of 195 bottles.
Royal looked after us brilliantly and it was the best time I have had for a very long time.
Below are some photos of the memorial garden, the hard to read stone if from Afghanistan. There is also a photo of the 3Cdo Brigade Falklands memorial plaque, which is on a mini roundabout in front of the civvy admin office. It was poignant moment to see my pal Scouse Rotherham’s name amongst the roll of honour. My son pointed out that there was another Royal’s name there whose son; also a Royal was killed in Iraq, how terribly sad is that.

RM Condor 03-03-2012 040.jpgRM Condor 03-03-2012 040.jpgRM Condor 03-03-2012 041.jpgRM Condor 03-03-2012 042.jpgRM Condor 03-03-2012 044.jpgRM Condor 03-03-2012 046.jpg

More phots to follow as I can only post 5 at one go.

Having problems uploading the remaining phots, hopefully soon.
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Finks I've just had problems loading pics. If you click on the Basic Uploader icon on the bottom right hand corner it puts it right. Seems to have crept in since the last site update
Thanks for sharing finks. 45 has lost almost two troops worth of men since 71. That is very sobering.

One of the LCU's on Fearless's callsign was "Foxtrot Juliette" in honour of C/Sgt Johnston (Falklands plaque)

Glad you had a good time.


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Looks like an excellent time there.
Just out of interest, was there anything left of the old RN part of Condor. I did my basic trade training there was back when it was HMS Condor/RNAS Arbroath. Interested thats all, not life threatening!!


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Like Waspie, would be interested about the old RN part. There used to be an old Supermarine Attacker there, I'm sure many naval airmen had their pics taken with it. After 6 weeks basic training , we were allowed into Arbroath, straight to a cafe called the Bon Accord for double egg, sausage and chips and bread and butter with a mug of good tasty tea. Later maybe a 'smokie' or even take back some Forfar bridies. Good old days Waspie!

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