Visit to Cartegena Naval Base and Spanish MCMV Segura=Pics

The RNA at Torrevieja has adopted the "Segura" and today we visited her in the base/dockyard at Cartagena. The dockyard makes Pusser's places of business look a dump. It is a training school, naval barracks and dockyard where both submarines and frigates are built with a history of shipbuilding going back 400 years.

"Segura" is based on the Sandown Class RN MCMV but has different propulsion, note twin funnels, and different kit and internal layout to suit.

pictures below

Inside the base

Main gate from inside

Dockyard and base area views

Laid up Spanish boats awaiting disposal French Narval Class Design

The ENS Segura

New Captain and Branch Chairman exchanging crests

Captain and Old Pharts

Even Submariners scrub well, occasionally. Mr Gerry England

A good day, now trying to sort out a piss up for the crew between deployments.



Lantern Swinger
Top phots nutty,
I've done a couple of interpreting jobs with the Spanish Army and Navy, and although I have to admit, their matelots, whilst being good blokes, weren't quite as professional as us, their kit was pretty top-notch and their bases make Devonport and Pompey dockyard look like stig of the dump's hangout.
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