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Visit HMS Ramsey in Liverpool this weekend

The Royal Navy website contains this article announcing that HMS Ramsey (MCM1 Crew 2) is due to arrive in Liverpool this Friday (5 June) for a four-day visit coinciding with the International Mersey River Festival. She will berth at Canning Half-Tide Dock and be open to the public on Saturday and Sunday between 1030 and 1630 with last entry at 1615.

MCM1 Crew 2 is currently manning HMS Ramsey having sailed her back from the Gulf in August 2014. The ship has recently emerged from refit in Rosyth where a number of her systems have been upgraded. Following trials to prove all of the weapon systems and machinery, Crew 2 will prepare for operations between now and December before flying out to man HMS Bangor in the Gulf for another six-month deployment.

This was HMS Ramsey in Gibraltar on 21 August last year while en route back from the Gulf:

HMS RAMSEY in Gibraltar 21 Aug 2014.jpg


War Hero
In addition the Commando Recruiting Team, Northern Diving Group & three static ground display helicopters will also be parked adjacent to HMS Ramsey. The RM Band, Scotland will also be performing during the weekend.

Merseyside department stores have reportedly already run out of mirrors. :)
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