Visit HMS Blyth At HMS President This Weekend

HMS Blyth will be alongside HMS President's purpose built jetty and open to visitors from 10am to 2pm this Saturday and Sunday. There will be tours of the ship and demonstrations of its equipment. Visitors will be able to take trips on the River Thames in the ship's small boats.

Members of HMS President will be present to talk about how, as a Reservist, you could find yourself training on just such a ship. There is no need to book; simply come along between 10am and 2pm on either day.

Location: HMS President, 72 St. Katharine's Way, London, E1W 1UQ.
The MW branch does seem to have been horrifically busy for as long as I can remember. I know people who've done less time purely training on SRMHs than actually serving on them (amongst a variety of other MW vessels and floating MCMTAs).
Genuine question for any RNRs here ... when do you get to train on SRMH's?

I don't know whether this is the answer to your question, but I broached it with one of the HMS President guys when I was there this weekend.

As far as HMS Blyth and other MCM ships are concerned, HMS President is able to supply any personnel required. The people they supply are most likely to be Mine Warfare Officers from the Reserves' Mine Warfare branch, but they also supply guys for AWFP on the Sandown class; as he told me this, he introduced me to someone who had done just this (the latter).
Did anybody on RR come down and visit? This was a particularly good run ashore for the ship I must say and SOTV actually wasn't that bad for once!

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