Virtual Rugby World Cup

Ok, I suggest we get a bit of an RR Rugby world cup competition going and bring out our competitive spirit!!!

I found this site which seems pretty simple. Just pick the winning side and the points margin.

I have created a group called RumRation so once you have registered, go to Groups and search for RumRation and join! You can obviously use a fake name if you're a bit shy......

I have just registered unsurprisingly as Kiwi-Fi, but will be cheering for Scotland and then the AB's (but might put a bet on England cos the odds are not too shabby)

Good luck!

KF :thumright:
Ahh but I am actually a girl, and Shaun there is my pet. And I'm Scottish, although that is probably not any more redeeming to you is it?
Great stuff :thumright: That makes 4! Come on, I know there are heaps of fellow Jocks on here. It's our only chance of winning something!
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