Virginity lost...aged ??


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As a follow on from Wet Blobbys thread.In hindsight, perhaps I shouldn't .............
What age were you when you lost Virginity?? :hump:
Would you have waited longer in hindsight? Was it as good as you expected? :dwarf:

No names, no incriminations and no silly stories that violate the rules either.

me? a late starter at 26!
And was with an 'older woman'.
18.. Was with her for two years before it happened and i can still remember every little detail. I think i'm one of very few people where there was no drink involved.
in hindsight -d32- i thnk i shuda waited...dont get me wrong it was good...but i was dont rlly remember much....and i guess theres more feeling when your not drunk as you know whats going on....oh well...que sera sera and all that lol
I was nine seduced in the sand pit at the Juniors by by Mary who was a mature eleven. We have been in love ever since. Twelve children and thirty six grandchildren later makes for a full house at Christmas time.
17 .5 years old........... to a man much older than that..
an interesting experience... had much MUCH better as i have gotten old older BUT never any worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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The first time I had sex the girl said: "Oh you've got a big cock".

Which is one of the perks of going out with a ten-year old... 8O :wink:
Two weeks before my 18th birthday. Her husband worked in London and only came home at W/Ends. :dwarf: Yyyeeehhhaaa!!!! how I got through Collingrad I dont know.
Looking at some of the Cornish mingers walking around Torpoint, Truro, Launceston, Liskeard etc. I can only assume that the best-looking girl in your year was the one without the humpty back and nasal wart :thumright:

Remember that the name for a good-looking girl in Cornwall is tourist :bball:



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Glaswegian girl enters the kitchen and says to her Mum:

"Why are you're hands so soft, Mummy?"
"Because I'm 12 years old, Dear..."

8O :wink:
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