Virgin Media.


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Helpful hint.

If you've been a customer of VM for a while, and you have a V6 box as well as an older (bigger) Tivo box in another room, get in touch with VM and ask them if they will replace it with another V6 at no extra cost.
VM have just sent me a free replacement upgrade for a Tivo that I'm going to return, so I see no reason why current subscribers shouldn't get the same deal.
What have you got to lose?
Having nothing but trouble with mine. Reported it a while back, the chap came out did some tests, tweaked the box outside and left. Complained again and another engineer came out and said the box across the road has been wired up wrong!!! he rewired it again!!! Internet is 80% good but has its moments, the box is directly opposite my house so not far away at all. The TV pixilates at night so we switch to aerial freeview. Trying to get them to do anything constructive is a joke!! may switch to sky.


War Hero
All plugged up. No hassle here.
Old tivo boxed up and ready to send back.
Now WolfPackLeader can record stuff until the Apocalypse.

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