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Discussion in 'Bloody Computers' started by Gombear, May 26, 2010.

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  1. Have any RR members used or are using Virgin Broadband?
    If so what is your opinion?

    I have checked out various review sites on the web and most seem to say Virgin is shite. However, clutching at straws, and knowing that all you good people are disturbingly honest, I would appreciate your opinion.
  2. My brother has it, and he seems fine with it. Good connection speed through out the day, and fast download times.
    Where as we have sky and the connection and speed times are average, but it does the job.
    Are you looking at getting a fibre connection ? if so its worth it, as watching my brother download movies, music etc is quick compared to our Sky connection.
  3. Thanks for replying.
    I have, just this morning, placed an order for their fibre optic broadband, so your input is reassuring and appreciated.

    However, I should have checked out reviews beforehand. Mind you, I am not sure how far you can trust “review†sites because of the possibility of competitors posting negative comments.

    At present I am with Madasafish whose service is good but has a 5GB monthly download limit. My son, briefly home for from uni, managed to use 3GB in three days and then buggered off!
  4. I had it in my previous house mate and it was ok. Decneyt speeds and no issues. Customer service is fine too. Not brilliant all round but fine.
  5. Gombear,

    As you are aware you will invariably get a lot of "mine is bigger and better than yours" one-upmanship BS on the topic of broadband and ISP's, so it is difficult to compare with other packages unless you have used them personally. Currently using Virgin following its takeover of AOL which I was using prior to the switchover.

    Apart from experiencing some technical hitches during the transition period I must say that I get a good connection throughout the day and the download speeds are pretty fast. Service is uninterrupted and the support is okay. Have only had a few occasions to use support for minor probs and they were sorted out immediately. On the downside, their support which used to be in Ireland, now appears to be in India so, that can raise the odd misunderstandings with the helpful techie advisers. Other than that no problems.

    Red Sailor
  6. Hi Gombear,

    Been using Virgin since it was NTL 2Mb Broadband. Currently it's 10Mb, and I'm getting about 8.5 on average.

    Never had any problems, and their anti virus software 'PCGUARD', a free download, is ace.

    You can also get your monthly Bill reduced slightly if you pay by Direct Debit, and allow them to email your Statement rather than post it to you.

    They also allow you a fair amount of free space on their Server for storing backups,. and that is where my Navy web site resides.


  7. My old Telewest service was swallowed by Virgin and the broadband service is fine...only one loss of service (about 5 hours) in this time
  8. I've been using Virgin broadband for a number of years now, apart from the odd outage now and again I have never had any issues, I'm on the 10Mbps package and find it more than adequate for my needs.

    I've found their customer service to be good, always polite and helpful, then they do what the say they are going to do. The only drawback with their customer service line is the amount of automatic menus that you have to go through, but thats small beer. On a positive note, if they are having tech probs they put recorded messages on the help line so when you do ring up you are aware straight away that they have a problem and are dealing with it. Saves you hanging on the line to be told they are having problems by on of their advisors

    All in all I have to say I'm a happy cookie with them.
  9. Thanks everyone for your opinions. That’s a weight off my mind.

    I feel more optimistic now that, when I go home this evening, I won’t get a severe thrashing from the missus for signing up to Virgin without clearing it with her first. :)
  10. Unless things have changed recently the closest fibre optic gets to you is virgin's street cabs, rest of the cabling to your place will be coax.
    I have heard a mix of things about virgin, a mate of mine swears by their internet but loathes their TV packages. Another tells me they are hopeless.

    Personally I don't live in a cabled area so I have unbundled ADSL2 from O2 for a tenner a month, no limits :D :D
  11. Used them in the past year and have no complaints about them. Great thing is, if your in the forces you can cancel your contract anytime with 1 months notice and only pay for the line rental you've used. No get out of contract or early termination fees.

    If you download alot then they only hicup you might come across is their throttling policy. If you download x amount over a short period then they reduce your speed by about half for 4-8 hours.

    (can't remember off the top of my head the exact numbers but it's all in their terms & conditions)
  12. I've been using Ntl then Virgin for well over 5 years, and in that time ive lost my connection for 2 and a half days, its quite fast, and has a short enough ping to let me use my xbox with no lag whatsoever. Whats more you tend to get closer to the 'up to' speed you see advertised; just ran a test on, and got 8.94Mb/s Download, upload of about 500kb/s and a ping of 11ms, at 6:30 which is about as peak time as you can get.

    As Graf suggested the only downside is the speed cap applied when you download over a couple of gigabytes within 'peak time' (about 4pm- 9pm); the speed is capped at different amounts for different things, but generally it becomes pretty much unusable for anything but basic web browsing.

    Neverthe less, would thouroughly recommend them. Though If you also get the TV to match, insist on one of the newer v+ boxes- the old scientific atlanta ones crash more than windows 95!
  13. The main thing with cable is that it is always connected ie; you have your own cable into your own house.

    The fair use policy only affects you if you download over a certain amount during a certain time then they reduce your speed for a few hours.


    I'm on the 50mb tarif and there is 'no' restrictions on anything.
    And the others have a generous amount, at least all they do is reduce your speed for a couple of hours and not increase the bill as there is 'no' download limit with Virgin.
    As for speed, the on line speed checkers are far out on accuracy not taking into account the slow servers and the overheads or the time of day, but Virgin lets you connect direct to their servers so you get a 100% accurate measure of your speed.

    Just for information, I downloaded some data from Microsoft at 8.6mb, (thats not the same as a download speed with a speed checker), that is the fastest in the country and a 1.6gb download took just 7 minutes.

    They are bringing into service 100mb and doing trials on 200mb at present.

    I've been with them for almost 8 years and never had a problem. When they do upgrades to their equipment that may take the service down, they give you a fair amount of warning and try to do it during the night.
  14. I've been using V for a couple of years and have been quite happy with it.
  15. Once again thanks to everyone for your inputs.

    I thought I’d let you know that, as I intend to go to Virgin, I phoned my current ISP today to tell them that I wished to terminate my contract, which is £14.99 for 5GB monthly download cap. I was immediately offered 20GB for the same price, FFS. :roll:

    I said I’d think about it, but am still inclined towards Virgin.
  16. If they valued your custom that much, why didn't they up your cap before you decided to leave.

    I've been with Virgin since they took over NTL and have never had a problem. There was one occasion a couple of years ago where services were down in the area, but they refunded me 2 days worth of costs to compensate.

    They also do good deals on mobiles if you are an existing Virgin Media customer.
  17. The choice is yours, but there is 'no' download limit on Virgin.

    Also, if you know anyone that has Virgin, then if they reccommend you and you sign up, you both get £30 knocked off your bill.

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