Vinyl Nightmares

There's always boxes full of old LP's at Sunday carboot sales, and some of the Titles/Artwork can be a little bit "odd". Apologies if you've seen this type of thing before.
Some examples:-

They probably never made the Top Ten.
I call it culture on the vinyl shelf in mine. No honestly found them in my backlog of e-mails, just the sort of stuff I get sent at work I'm afraid. :la:
O.K., there needs to be a warning given with these posts, I have just sprayed coffee down a good white shirt, it's not on.

Hot Coffee, when ejected through the nose stings too.

Where do I send the Dhoby bill?
I think my favourite is the Brailettes ,"Girls the camera is over this way, you bunch of 'kin deacons" <phot snaps fingers>.
Rivalled by Johnny Handle and his work "our lass is fat", or The McKeithers featuring the Mekon on lead vocal. I do like Joyce, the worlds worst tranny, though, looks like Tootsie on steroids, more mannish than John Lithgow in "The World according to Garp". A special mention for John Bult and what he's about to do to Julie on her sixteenth birthday, took me a minute to realise it was his thumb pointing towards her.....

At first glance I thought I was looking at Millie Jacksons crotch, only the image is inverted and its her jugs we are ogling. Judging by her gobblers mouth the composition might not have been entirely unintentional........However I bet smiley has 10 copies of "all my oppos are fertiliser"......
ShipsCat wrote (extract) :-

However I bet smiley has 10 copies of "all my oppos are fertiliser"......

BBD says:-

I was wondering how long it would take for someone to make that connection :w00t: