Vince Cable - 'They' never cease to astound and amuse.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Dec 21, 2010.

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  1. Vince ‘Howler’ Cable the Business Secretary has admitted he is embarrassed after telling undercover newspaper reporters that serving in the coalition was like "fighting a war" and that he may quit and bring down the government.

    It is hard to comprehend just how stupid these politicians are when they go gobbing off to people when they are not sure what their credentials are, still it keeps one amused but I do ask myself if they are that unwise should they really be ruling our country?
  2. Re: They never cease to astound and amuse.

    I have always said that Cable is a clown who firmly believes he IS the be all and end all. This doesn't surprise me, nor does the fact that he believes he can topple government. No Vince, you can't.
  3. Re: They never cease to astound and amuse.

    It's about time someone pointed out that the idea of propoganda is to persuade others - the day you start believing your own propganda is the day you need to check into the funny far.

    The Limp Dims (and Cable in particular) understand that they have a role to play in sustaining the coalition government but if they think that they can bail out now and hope to keep their franchise in the Houses of Parliament they need to take a quick reality check. The saying "cutting off their nose to spite their face" comes immediately to mind.
  4. Re: They never cease to astound and amuse.

    Aye, he may be able to accomplish a passable Gay Gordons but he can't walk the walk.
  5. Re: They never cease to astound and amuse.

    Topple may mean 'Rock'

    I had the feeling he would be in possession of a good supply of 'Common Dog'.........the jury is out, for now
  6. Re: They never cease to astound and amuse.

    Your only as good as your last paycheck is something Vince needs to have a think about.
  7. Re: They never cease to astound and amuse.

    He may be thinking closely, now that the PM has 'Mixie Blobbed' him with regard to his news takeover comments
  8. Re: They never cease to astound and amuse.

    He is obviously a legend in his own mind if the thinks his resignation would bring about the downfall of the coalition.

    As for his conspiracy against Murdoch he did not have the CDF to keep his gob shut on that one, mores the pity.
  9. Re: They never cease to astound and amuse.

    Vince Cable got a lot of kudos on the back of thew claim that he was the only politician to foresee the financial time-bomb that struck across the globe.He was lauded as some kind of financial whizz-kid and dined out on it handsomely.Unfortunately it all went to his head and he will now be viewed as just another vacuous politician with an overblown sense of importance.I would say he is clinging on to his post as Business Secretary by his fingernails.
  10. Re: They never cease to astound and amuse.

    What it needs is someone to come along and stamp on his fingers.
  11. Re: They never cease to astound and amuse.

    It looks like Vince is going to sit out Christmas on the naughty step :eek:ccasion1:
  12. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    Re: They never cease to astound and amuse.

    Then a quick boot to the 'other place' in the New years Hon's ?
  13. Re: They never cease to astound and amuse.

    I think he probably flushed any chance of that right down the toilet - I can't see any enthusiasm for rewarding failure in this instance - he is just keeping station while Law comes back off the other naughty step once his expenses controversy is cleared up followed, I suspect, by a swift boot down the ministerial pecking order (though perhaps not as far as the back benches!)
  14. I awoke this morning to find that V Cable still has a job!!! Surely his credibility has been shot to pieces and the only 'nuclear option' is to sack him now.
  15. I understand that is also a view broadly held by Conservative Ministers (in private) and back-benchers (less privately) but the needs of the Coalition dictate that he is to be wrapped in cotton wool and preserved (if only for the short term) until a worthy/competent/senior/publicy acceptable (delete as appropriate) Lib Dem candidate emerges from the primordial slime to take his seat at the top table.

    And the Lib Dems have the gall to whinge about THEM having to compromise!!!!
  16. Think they'll slip their Cable? :roll:
  17. Not yet it's still shackled to Cameron's knacker bag down in the Cable locker. :eek:mfg:
  18. Am surprised that Cameron's knacker bag is still attached. Mind you, you must have balls to make "cast iron" guarantees and then go back on them ...{fume}
  19. Happy days, a delusional Business sec and now we also have a Chancellor who's in trouble for homophobic slurs agains a labor MP.

    God I love christmas for the drama. Brings the best out in everyone :)
  20. It could all be down the mescaline tops & mulled wine the reporters are feeding em. 8) :drunken:

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