Vile imprecations

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Uckers Cocky Dai, Mar 4, 2011.

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  1. Who remembers when RR, through its self-important MOD's ,could strike imagined terror at recalcitrant posters by declaring, in bright red letters, they were OXYGEN THIEVES

    Upset the MOD's at ones imagined peril and be banished accompanied by vile imprecations.

    All sweetness and light this day. Nobody getting shafted for being truthful. No-one on their way with flashing red letters for being provocative.--Bloody dull in fact.

    Has ROMFT anything to do with it?

  2. **** off there if you like. You might like it.

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  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Get off that fence Monty. :-D

    My guess is that when the site first started, senior management within the service viewed the site with grave suspicion. When you think of it, the potential is there to stir-up serious disciplinary issues. Doubtless administrators and moderators at the time were equally twitchy at the beginning, being sensitive to sabre rattling from on high. However, over time, most have come to accept that the burning issue of the day on here is not really going to overthrow the little men in big hats & it actually serves a purpose which can gauge the groundswell of opinion.

    From my perspective, one of the site members pointed out to me from the outset that to 'moderate' meant to do less or very little, which greatly appeals to my work ethic. Generally a good belly laugh from a response such as that above is probably healthier than raising the blood pressure.
  4. I think I should be a MOD. I wouldn't put up with any of this negative feeling and hostility.
  5. :spam2::spam2::spam2::spam2::brave:
  6. I've just been banned from ROMFT :evil3: must of broke a rule :censored: :ban:
  7. Seeing as they pride themselves with having 'no moderators' that is some achievement.

    Do tell.........
  8. Don't know shippers, must have posted when I was pissed :pissed:
  9. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Mods..... Cnuts the lot of them.

    Jonno for MOD........ Gets my vote..... (no, it actually does)

    Mods have different tasks, You'd not catch me moderating CA, lots of whinging about it but when Norm gets culled (again) by the guys who MOD the place they sporadically get thank you's instead of *********. There'd be alot more spam on here without them. On a personal level being a MOD is great because we get MODCAM, that way we can look at the person posting, it reassures me I'm not ugly. Also it gives us an insight to who's posting, great looking chicks posting in Newbies for the first time get treated better than 35 year old munters.....
  10. Well speaking as the Originator of ROMFT(with the help of the POS)As far as i can see looking at the ban list,you are not there.As for being banned,NOBODY has EVER been banned from ROMFT.And the only time they will is when the Ships COmpany as a whole demand it so,100%.PM me your username that you used and i can check.One thing that may have happened is that you may have been inadvertantly confused with a Spammer,which we are currently being hit by.We now vet each membership application,and if its assocoated as a spammer etc then they are refused.
  11. The totspillintimbershiftincunt (aka andym aka the Doc (who is a cnut)) is telling the truth, tried to get him banned but without any joy
  12. For the record I'd just like to say that that goat is purely for medicinal purposes (and anyway is not an indigenous UK species)

  13. I am afraid youre wrong,Medicine has advanced somewhat.Goats are now passe',its LLamas now.
  14. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Nowt wrong with a young tight goat.
  15. er Blobs, seeing as where you are these days, maybe that should be a nice tight young sheep. Would not want you to uspet your new neighbours
  16. Hi Folks, just popped over from ROMFT to say to diesel - load of bollocks as the others have said - no has ever been banned from ROMFT. I dont come over here on RR these days - too many toss pots full of their own importance.
  17. Well I just logged on there OK. It clearly stated I was banned and not allowed to use the forum.
  18. Diesel.

    you probably got banned cos you went to sea...

  19. Andym has already asked that you pm him you username on ROMFT so this can be looked at, as it could have happened in error. If you got a banned message it should have also stated why, ie Advertising, spamming etc. Only 3 people have authority to block accounts on ROMFT and as far as I am aware the only accounts that have been blocked have been those that have been trying to advertise something.
  20. As i surmised,looking up your Alter ego on ROMFT it appears that somehow your IP address had been set as a ban trigger for some Indian Spammers,i have removed that for you and you are fit to go now.Sorry for the problem.

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