Viking berserker commentates at Scotland match!

Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by shellbackmac, Oct 26, 2007.

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  1. I cant access You tube at work. Is this commentry on the James McFadden goal against France? If so I have it stored as my mobile phone ringtone.................absolutely shat myself everytime it goes off!!

    Happy to send it on to anyone who wants it. (No sarcastic English comments please!!! :bball: )
  2. It certainly is Spenny, was shown on Soccer AM a few weeks back and has to be up there with the Brazilians for mental commentary!
  3. Its classic eh!!

    I love it when my mobile rings at work. Silence, other than the sound of typing and then that goes off!!! My boss loves me for it :thumright:

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