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Don't you think the chicks in the mature dating ads are getting better looking. Or am I just getting older?
BTW where did this cunt come from?
Me 2, when in my prime trapping days, I used to look at a good looking young female and she may look back with an interested look (depends on how sober I was, she may not have been so young or pritty), now when I look at a young female they look back with horror at the dirty old man? My eyes still see the world with a young mind but the world no longer looks at me the same?
I've never flashed at an orange or any other fruit either, you can't prove nuffink.

(and it's called the grimes light SB)
Why because it's stuck on a grimy old boat? Full of grimy old fuckers.

They stuck old wrecker in a boat to prove that shit don't always float.^^

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