Vigilant back in the news

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Spare_Rib, Oct 28, 2017.

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  1. There is perhaps a danger, that in the armed forces, where morale is low for all the reasons stated here and on other forums, a positive drug test becomes an easy way out, and in a society where there is perhaps not the same intolerance level, the shame of discharge may not be as great a deterrent. All a bit worrying on so many fronts.
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  2. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    The DT article cited also names the XO and his bird, names I haven't seen outed in the public media before.

    To put Vigilant in a better light, 'Senior officers took a deep interest in engineering matters'.
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  3. Vigilant - the gift that keeps on giving, from an embarrassment POV that is!

    Sex in a swimming pool with a prostitute - perfectly acceptable imho, unless it also involves Colombian marching powder, then clearly it would be unacceptable!
  4. I remember a drugs lecture back in the 90's the guy giving said when we in the audience joined late 60's - 70's the only problem was mainly was drinking, but back then the problem was the civy social climate was changing and doing recreational drugs was becoming common place along with glue sniffing etc. Teenagers were joining as experienced substance abusers, these 9 may be just the tip of the iceberg, were some will risk it at weekends and on leave. I remember going to stay in Burnley in the late 70's in a house full of teens/20's they thought I was some kind of stick in the mud because I would not try anything I did not know, smoke, drink etc. So the temptation has been around awhile, it is up to the individuals character, or lack of character if they choose to break the strict rule, No Drugs unless prescribed or brought from a pharmacy with no abuse intended. Rant over dcik heads.
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  5. In another life I was a train driver and subject to random drugs and alcohol checks. Had I breached this I would no doubt have been fired or at least taken off driving duties and put under observation in another position. The RN have long had an anti-drugs policy and these chaps knew the risks. :cool:
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  6. Being lined up for drug taking when they can find a new No1 and Captain to sort them out. Another decided all this nuclear business was getting him down so he booked himself a flight to go and see his girl friend. Perhaps there was no one around of authority to ask. At least the prostitute in the swimming bath was acceptable. The way things are going they'll be taking them aboard and cracking one or two off in the Captains en-suite.
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  7. So sad to see the S/M Service besmirched with this Boat's recent shenanigans. :(

    My sympathy is strictly restricted to all the innocent OH's & families of those involved,

    and for those others affected by 'Pier Head Jumps' to replace the miscreants.

    [Re: the cocaine bust: As Royal might have said earlier this week, it does leave a nasty taste in ones's mouth...:eek: ]
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  8. Completely unacceptible behaviour in a disciplined service.

    I’m also concerned about how this keeps making it to the press so quickly.
  9. Bound to cause a few sniggers aboard the VIGILANT next time the Main Broadcast pipes:

    'Stop Snorting!'


    'Stop Banging in the Boat!'
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  10. You beat me to it.
  11. Sex in the swimming pool ,good clean fun!!!
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Sad but not entirely surprising given that the service reflects society and if that Gordon Ramsey programme is anything to go by, the stuff is literally everywhere.

    The Army has pretty much capitulated with regard drugs - those failing a cdt can reapply to join the Army again after two years. If that's the message they are sending out, then it's hardly a deterrent to other arms of the services.

    The other issue is peer pressure and the naive belief that "every one else is doing it and they can't sack everyone".

    Don't know what the answer is, but those wishing to leave anyway presumably see it as a fast-track exit route that has seemingly little effect on future employment prospects.
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  13. Is it actually the case now. I've heard rumours about that being the case with the army....
  14. I totally agree with your 1st comment. Wrt your 2nd, I'm surprised it's taken so long! It's been common knowledge for a while and was only a matter of time before the gory details emerged.
  15. I wish i had joined boats "sex and drugs and rock and roll"and no not in the barrel.!!
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  16. However commonplace the taking of recreational drugs has become in civvie street I frightens me that it might become equally acceptable in a submarine.
  17. Unfortunately for me (and my generation), at sea, sex was self abuse in the end trap, drugs were DF's and CSB and rock 'n' roll was PD in roughers.

    How times change!
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  18. Yes and just on the news , the RN to drugs test all submariners, as if they don't already! All on the submarine were ordered to delete all social media accounts, according to Arrse. I don't think anyone has yet got their heads round how access to social media in liberal societies is going to impact all areas of society, in terms of the ease that a few individuals can undermine and cause massive damage to a large organisation. Or of the impossibility of ordering everyone to delete their accounts!
  19. Not impossible at all. Relatively easy one would have thought.

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