Views/Opinions on Warfare & Logistics (Officer)

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Ant_H, Apr 3, 2008.

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  1. Alright guys and gals,

    Goes without saying both very different branches within the RN although both do take my interest. Obviously gone through the literature both AFCO booklets and online although looking for more.

    Was interested in peoples views on the fore mentioned branches, maybe you're one yourself, maybe you're aiming to be one, maybe you know shiteloads about it. If so, please share your wisdom.
  2. Hello there,

    I'm in the process of applying for Warfare (SM). I'll give you a bit of info from what i've picked up with respect to the Warfare branch.

    Being a Warfare Officer is the only way you can gain command of a ship/boat. Obviously it is based around the tactical operations and manouvering of the vessel. You need to be able to work under pressure and make decisions, whilst being reliable.

    Warfare Officers complete all 6 phases at BRNC, and have Professional Fleet Time, then are Junior Warfare Officers Course. If your a Logistics Officer, I believe you are dispersed into the fleet quicker.

    All in all, it depends what interests you the most. Best to talk with your AFCO/ACLO.
  3. Actually EVERYONE will now do four phases at BRNC according to my ACLO yesterday. But yes, ant, if you want to command go for warfare (bear in mind that getting in as a logistics officer is VERY DIFFICULT, as it requires a much higher mark at AIB). Warfare is a bigger branch, therefore easier promotion etc etc.
  4. Warfare Officers fight the ship. Everyone else onboard supports or facilitates this role.
  5. Feedback is appreciated, cheers.

    I was clued up as to what the each of the roles entailed but I guess what I was looking for with anyone with current/past experience in the branches and how they found it (enjoyable, demanding, hard going, maybe even not recommend it to others), obviously it's own personal views but I'm still quite interested.
  6. If you want to go to sea choose warfare, if you want to have 2 maybe 3 sea drafts during your whole career choose logs.
  7. Spoken like a true member of the Master Race
  8. Theres also a Galaxy notice from about 12-18 months ago stating how much promotion from Lt-Lt Cdr was being reduced across the board.
  9. In all honesty that strikes me as pretty strange, they are very different roles, so perhaps you oculd elaborate on what is it about each that appeals to you and how you might see your career progressing on each path.

    fwiw I started as an engineer then found myself moving in the warfare direction.

    The warfare career has, in my opinion, three major phases; junior bridge monkey to PWO, PWO to DD/FF command then post DD/FF command. In the first of these your career is pretty tightly constrained, in the second that constraint relaxes a little but if you want command there are boxes you have to tick. The issues have been exercised at length in other threads, including the promotion signal one mentioned inthread.

    Loggies have a wider range of opportunities, it's more of a two stage career; junior scribbler to charge, post charge. Since much more time is likely to be spent ashore there are a host of different opportunities to explore.
  10. Cheers again for replies. :thumright:

    Karma, what made you decide to head over to the warfare direction from Engineering, was it for promotional purposes, did it offer more or just general job satisfaction?

    Warfare is the one I have my sights set on (a very 'central' branch in the RN) yet was interested to hear what people had to say about Loggies too.

    I presume entry requirements into either branch at AIB would depend on current demand in the fleet?
    Is there an entry points scale in regard to the branches at AIB knocking around anywhere? I have gone through all the AIB sticky but not come across anything similar.
  11. It allowed me to keep doing the things I wanted to do.

    Which is to say that you get more satisfaction by gaining control of your career.
  12. Ant, it is generally easier to get in as warfare, due to the sheer greater numbers required in the fleet. Logistics requires a higher score at AIB, yes. I was told by my ACLO that I had X written all over me, so have taken his advice and am applying to AIB as warfare.
  13. As one likely to be joining as a Loggie (for medical reasons rather than out of preference) I was wondering if anyone might be able to elaborate on the potential shore postings or opportunities available rather than just the apparent two or three sea jobs and then spending your life in the DLO or something?

  14. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    Warfare - Gods own.

    Logs - Blanket Stackers.

    Only joking (a little)

    Warfare - Your career is streamed to one thing. Finding our future Commanding Officers and Senior Officers so the old adage of eating our young still applies. That said there is still possibilities to "broaden", I should know as I spent a career out of it and am only just back in the mainstream. The first half of your career will be on board or on Ops. You start out as the OOW - ignore what people tell you it is very important role. You are the COs representative and responsible for everyone onboard when on watch. After this first job then you have some options - Mine Warfare , Diver, Fighter Controller and others. You would be looking to go PWO then on and on.

    To get the best information ask you ACLO to go on a ship visit or do the acquaints. Read the web site.

    Me? Well I am Warfare (actually joined as a Seaman Officer but that is cos I am old) and have enjoyed it. I am a PWO, I have lots of responsibilty and get paid well. I have good friends and work on board a good ship.

    I like nothing better than the scream of "Allllllllllaaaaaaarrrrrrmmmm aircraft" and the smell of cordite. I am a Gunnery Officer and proud of it.

    PM me an email address and I can send more stuff.

    Oh Logs - well they sit around an office polishing their nails as the Sec and then complain when the OOW off the middle makes too much noise when he passes their cabin.

  15. Allllllllllaaaaaaarrrrrrmmmm aircraft - look out bearing green 90, angle of sight 30 - at least give the upper deck crews a chance....

    Happiness is an empty magazine!

    In general, life as a Warfare Officer is hard work, the possibility of near-continual bollockings and quite a "traditional" outlook on your career can lead to frustration (read the promotion thread for my thoughts on this). However, it does lead to command and frankly is the reason the RN exists, so you take your lumps.

    Logs is mildly interesting if you get the right jobs, otherwise you are stuck in a blanket-counting humdrum "job". I know lots of people who are very happy with this career path, so it must work for them.

    And without wishing to raise Ninja Stoker's blood pressure, it is possible to conduct an in-service branch transfer; I am living, breathing proof of it (Weapon Engineer to Warfare - I fight the ship and know how it works (beyond the standard PWO "hit it until the light shows up"). Feel free to PM if you've any further questions.

  16. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    PWO problem solving.

    1. Hit it with a hammer, if it doesn't work it is an electrical problem
    2. If you hit it long enough it will either start working or an engineer will come along and ask you to stop hitting it. You can then ask him to fix it.
    3. Never, never, ever admit to being the last person to touch it.
    4. If in doubt deny everything and leave it till SOCs.
  17. And this is the reason I tried to ban the PWOs from ever, ever going anywhere near equipment without adult (CPOWEA) supervision..... :)
  18. There are a lot of staff or outer office jobs available, which can give some insight into the higher management of defence, there are logistics organisations in each of the bases which require management. Defence Equipment & Support covers a multitude of sins from straightforward box shifting jobs all the way back through the design lifecycle. Some of them are interesting, some of them are tedious as hel.

    There are battle staff, component command and PJHQ roles in the N/J4 and N/J5 divisions along with exchange opportunities with the other services.

    By and large if you can identify the roles you want to do, and many are open to most branches, and make life easy for the disappointer then you can do some interesting things. As you get further up the food chain you reach the stage where that's not an option any more, but early on it's achievable.

    Personally I wouldn't fancy logs branch, but that's largely because the prospect of an outer office turned me off completely.
  19. I found it was usually hit it with a headset since that was in reach. Usually followed by a complaint that the headset wan't working ;)
  20. I recently went to see a friend of mine at HMS Richmound and met a few of his younger warefare officers, who i have to say had many reserves about their decision about going into warfare. But maybe thats because they are finding their feet as it were.

    It is a difficult decision but it depends wether you want a more sea/ shore balanced career or a mainly sea based career in warefare

    Am going into logs personally. Was tempted by warfare though.

    Good luck mate :thumright:

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