VietnamNet: "British Destroyer Docks In Da Nang Port"


War Hero
Quite a trip this ship is having - almost like old times.
Ha. It would seem that. I know one or two on there who were dripping like ****ed fridges because they were going on a nine month deployment around the world. Yep. I know. Don't have a go at me. If they wheeled round and suddenly said 'Levers, our <insert name> is currently gapped. Would you mind re-joining and filling in?' it would take the amount of time for my mouth to form the words, '****ing mooch' to reply, as long as I could re-leave the pile of shit navy o/c return.

One of their senior rates ... heard draining down all over me two days before the ship deployed ... is back already, leaving a gapped billet.

The Royal Navy. Life without matelots.


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