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Videos - All here!

Don't know if anyone has seen this one, but its the americans doing there one music video, the crew of the USS Enterprise dancing to the numa numa song

I have to say though, that it is nowhere near as good as the Royal Navy's video.

And secondly, have you seen the size of some of these guys, how do they fight in there bunks?? do they by-pass any form of fitness tests? lol

Edited to add this

Thirdly, out of all the Captains of the USS Enterprise (star trek) they used the french guy. Are they trying to rebuild some sort of international relations after the "freedom fries" period? lol

and fourtly, why is the Tower of London used as a back drop during the middle of the video?

Maybe i'm just reading too much into an obvious piss take, but i can't help it :oops:
Andy, i have found secret video footage of Sam Decosta's recci of the situation, though unfortunately with his incredible lack of English, leadership skills and being online chatting up girls on myspace etc, it didn't go according to plan and he couldn't radio back to the ship that it was a lighthouse, lol :lol:

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